The Verge Street Op

Tessiria is about to march against House Daceas, Gaius has a short window in which he can act against her and take her territory.

The PCs are trying to cross the City, and have to pass through Verge Street — one of them is injured, and they have to find a way to get their compatriot back, either choosing a side or (with difficulty) avoiding the conflict.

Erillia, Pi, or Rasine need to get injured

  • fall off a roof
  • get hit by stray arrows
  • ?

Aspects to compel:
Syler Furbane: “Syler to the Rescue!” and “Defusing the Situation,” and possibly “My One and Only: Erillia”
Rasine: “Overprepared in Fear of Failure,” “Gaius Values My Opinion,” and possibly “Piah’s Former Lover”
Piah: “Stumble Across,” “It’s Not Easy Being Good,” and possibly “Rasine’s in My Pi”
Mo Proudhoe: “Defender of the Downtrodden”
Erillia: “I Will Not Be a Pawn”
Gatcha: “The Tale of the Common Man”

Verge Street
Description: The violent border between House Jocasti’s holdings and the Grim-Grin clan.
Threat: The front line of a gang war with no middle ground
Aspect: “Pick a Side, or Face Two Armies”
Faces: Jothary – Charismatic Leovite General Who Leads By Example
Milvia Grim-Grin – Grim-Grin Leader with Dirty Hands


  • Abandoned house (Grim-Grin camp)
  • Cathedral (House Jocasti camp)
  • Verge Street No-Man’s-Land
  • Prescott’s General Store

1. Enter the Street, become injured
2. Meet Prescott Thurlingood, find out the situation – “you’ll never make it through no-man’s-land without the help of one side, or a damned good distraction.”
3. Approach one side
Make a distraction
4. Social conflict with someone
5. Physical conflict moving through

Grim-Grin Soldiers
House Jocasti Soldiers

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Verge Street Op

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