The Shadow Op

Gaius Trevalanius sends his espionage team to investigate rumors that Councilor Metis is about to be assassinated. Gaius wants Metis alive, because he has been Gaius’s ally on immigration issues (pro-immigration but with stricter rules on gaining citizenship). At a party at Metis’s house, a Niontian assassin will kill Metis with a crossbow if the PCs don’t intervene.

Physical Clues

  • Open window
  • Hinge oil spilled
  • Broken crossbow string

Social Clues

  • Metis’s been getting death threats (Contacting)

Obstacles to get in

  • Need an invitation
    • Sneak in [Stealth +2, Athletics +2]
    • Bribe [Resources +3-4]
    • Talk in [Rapport/Deceit +3-4]
    • Fight in [6 Good (+3) minions]
    • Forge documents [Creativity/Deceit +3]

Obstacles inside

  • The assassin
    • Superb-level Niontian assassin with Ranged, Melee at peak
      • Vigor +3 Stress 1 2 3 x Diffused
  • The inside man
    • Riduccio, Superb-level politico w/Rapport, Deceit at peak
  • Metis’s own guards
    • Suspicious of all activity
    • 6 Good (+3) Minions

Plot Stress
x x Party begins, PCs have -2 to get in
x x x Assassin sets up
x x x x Lights go out, assassination begins
1 2 3 4 5 Assassin escapes

-2 obvious violence
-1 failed Deceit check
-1 enter house
-1 locate assassin
-1 identify inside man

Rumors: Cousin of House Trevelanius responsible for saving Metis, and shadowy crossbow bolt doesn’t look native.

Tracking device in his head — Complex Crafting

Who did Riduccio know? How was he contacted? Etc?

How do we determine the dichotomy between social time and active time? Let the characters know how much time things take.

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

The Shadow Op

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