The Rigged Election Op

Tessiria rigs the vote for Council

Returning from the Mountains, the team places Gaius in the care of his resident physician. Gaius, weakened, tells the team that a seat on the High Council just opened up because of an unexpected death, and both he and Tessiria are aiming for it. As he’s going to take a while to recover, he needs the team to

  • Intimidation: Tessiria’s goons are hanging around the voting areas, scaring off anyone who looks to be voting for Gaius.
    • Voting Areas
      • Eight Great Minions
  • Scandal: Riduccio is spreading gossip about Gaius — he has a secret team of assassins, he burned down his own house, he has a secret Crossblood child. The team needs to shut him up and shut him down.
    • A party at Metis’s house
      • Riduccio, 4 Great Social Minions
  • Falsifying Records: Tessiria is preparing to have dead people “vote” through manipulation of paperwork.
    • Bureaucratic Offices
      • Aher lev-Yaron, Leovite Bureaucrat on the Take and Mikael lev-Yaron, Leovite Mikael, Deluded? Fanatic Filled With Holy Fire. Aher is just plain on the take. Mikael thinks Tessiria will follow his ideas more than Gaius will, but isn’t committed to her (or know or approve of her more horrible plans).

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The Rigged Election Op

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