The Revolution Op

Implement tonight:

  • Fate points gain experience
  • soundtrack?
  • Check for compels on each turn

(Bring Niontian Lower-Class to Revolt)

THe Niontians are all about self-interest and lies. They find honesty a weakness. They will respond best to being manipulated.

How to exert influence and cause a coup:

  • Make conditions at a local Lightcatcher factory intolerable.
  • Create a pretend army at the gates (utilize 2-D senses).

Need them to believe the City is:

  • too powerful to fight
  • disgustingly honest

Travel to Lightcatcher factory in 236 and mislead enemy for promised information, despite attempts by gang kingpin and law enforcement to stop them, and military influence.

Go to the factory, pretend new “City-mandated” or “Exposed-Lies party-mandated” reforms, will destroy morale. Local union boss/gang kingpin 3rd-of-Spines tries to quietly kill the PCS to make it go away.

The the local cops (Gorge-of-Anger) come by to examine the attack on the PCs, starts getting too close. They have to get her to go away – kill or dissuade or bribe.

Factory worker riots lead to upheaval.

  • Long-term conflict a la Diaspora

Constantly compel:

  • Mo’s revolutionary stuff
  • Erillia’s I Will Not Be a Pawn, The Truth Is Only What I Can Make Others Believe
  • Rasine?
  • Syler To the Rescue, Crime Lord (Gorge-of-Anger has heard of him), I’m the Go-To Guy
  • Tyche: Come See the Violence Inherent in the System, Reluctantly Obedient, Boredom Leads to Trouble, Too Smart For Her Own Good


Niontian Underclass
Exposed-Lies Party
Hidden-Truth Party
Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Baltinius’s Flat

  • He’ll Do Anything To Get Back in Gaius’s Good Graces
  • A Big Ol’ Target

Police Station

  • The Usual Suspects
  • Gorge-of-Anger, the One Honest Cop
  • Lockup

Storage Park

  • Stolen Goods
  • 3rd-of-Spines’ Favorite Spot
  • Bad Record-Keeping

City of Lives Embassy

  • Tessiria’s Lackeys
  • Important City Feature

Parliament Building

  • Political Scheming between Overgovernor and Undergovernor
  • Institutional Bribery


  • A Club For 3rd-of-Spines’ Clientele
  • Loud and Alien
  • Don’t Go In The Back Room


  • Blood From a Stone
  • Emergency Room
  • Not Enough Security

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Revolution Op

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