The Mountain Outpost Op

(infiltrate the Niontian Outpost, blow it all to hell)

The team is in the midst of interrogating Predjan when they hear a telepathic scream in their heads, in Piah’s distinctive voice: “It’s burning! He’s dying! Come to the mansion! QUICKLY!”

They run as fast as they can to the mansion, to see it wreathed in flames. The PCs must make it through the:
-Foyer (3 zones wide, 1 intensity flame (1 physical stress per round it exists))
-Hallways (3×3 zones, 2 intensity flame, Fair (+2) Niontian assassin minion)
-Study (2×2 zones, 3 intensity flame, need to get Gaius out the window or back out the way they came (if Tyche stopped the fire)

If they get Gaius out safely:
-Completely obvious he’s been poisoned. Good (3) Bloodshifting, Philosophy/Survival, or Shadowshifting reveals he’s suffering from a weaponized shadowpox (the same thing Rasine had on Unprime 236).
-Fair (
2) Cultures or Good (+3) Lore check reveals there’s no chance of any shadowpox medicine anywhere but among Niontians. Luckily, Pi found hints as to a Niontian community living hidden in the Mountains of Mourning.

If Gaius dies:
-Erillia and Rasine know they have to finish what Gaius started, and Pi heard on her travels of a Niontian military outpost hidden in the Mountains of Mourning.

Either way:

Send Mo to find assassin’s hiding place

Rasine and Pi take Gaius to the Mountains

Syler and Erillia look for Baltinius

Via Realmshifters or just hard riding, they arrive at the Mountains of Mourning.

Mountain Outpost
The outpost has a complement of two dozen Niontians, plus Vertex-of-Pain. They are guarding a Shiftgate projector (in room 22), ready to bring in an army. Any reasonable distraction will cause 15 or so to go outside (or to whatever room they get distracted to), with 4 always guarding the projector, 2 in the barracks in room 28, and others patrolling. Vertex-of-Pain will be in room 2 unless something happens, and then he’ll be investigating.

There are explosives in room 25, which if set off will take out the whole outpost – or the team can use them selectively to destroy part of it. The medicine they need can also be found in room 25.

Erillia, Pi and Mo are Realmshifted in by Danilo, a minor member of the Trevelanius family who Pi located. Pi reveals that she found out two important details: a possible identity for her father, and that the Niontian outpost is a staging site for an invasion!

The team must find a way to destroy or at least shut down the outpost, while keeping Gaius safe.

Niontian Outpost
Description: Small outpost of Niontians pondering invasion.
Threat: Niontians – lying, living shadows – scout force.
Aspect; Deceit Is a Way of Life For Them
Face: Vertex-of-Pain – Niontian Captain Intrigued by the “Truth-Tellers”

Seeking Baltinius
Once they get in, they easily find boxes and boxes of evidence — and the moment they touch any of it, a stone wall slams down on the entrance and spinning blades start coming out of the walls. The blades spin around the room, requiring a Fair (2) Athletics check every turn (complete with -1 penalty if they do anything else). The door has 4 stress and Armor -1. The blades (6 of them), each have 2 stress and an Athletics of Fair (2).

When they escape or destroy all the blades (whichever comes first), they encounter Baltinius. He rants at them about how they never got him back in with Gaius and forced him to ally with Tessiria. He then sends in a Notional Construct of Vengeance.Notional Construct

By the time they’ve defeated the Construct, Baltinius will have left, with a note saying “If you survived, meet you at cousin’s house.”

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Mountain Outpost Op

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