The Moulting Op

(The Inn of the Worlds is one of Gaius’s investments – they must maintain his reputation as a fractal elf goers through a moulting, which transforms whole blocks into non-Euclidean horror, and the PCs have to guide survivors out)

1. Thread through the street

  • Undulating
  • Antibodies attack
    2. Lobby
  • First survivors (Svetana, Tork, Lygga, etc)
  • Fire, antibodies
  • Future team comes from upstairs, warns against Svetana
    3. Upstairs
  • Thread through rooms
  • Reveal Svetana as grifter
  • end in Brunei’s room
    4. Brunei’s head
  • Mental conflict getting Brunei to understand
  • Svetans helps
  • Tork gets code
    5. Lobby
  • Tork’s minions come in, he attacks
  • They must stop him from getting away with Brunei’s riches, or he will moult again from the stress

Gravity loss (doesn’t affect Erillia)
Antibodies attack
Undulating street
Directions vary
Time twist
Future version of the team comes in, tells them to keep an eye on Svetana. They turn out to be wrong. “Don’t trust Svetana” only team there.

Fractal Elf “Brunei”

  • nicknamed Brunei
  • unaware of how damaging it is
  • no empathy
  • keeps G-S girl “Svetana” as a “pet.”
  • can stop the moulting if persuaded
    The fractal elf looks like a vaguely humanoid shape, constantly changing – growing and shrinking, adding and subtracting limbs. All of it looks as though it is entering and leaving the world, like a hand passing through the surface of a pool. It speaks with strange grammar and improper syntax, and random and inappropriate inflection. It’s obsessed with the number 12.


  • charming little thief
  • taking advantage of Brunei
  • secretly loves the creature


  • Kipman mugger
  • going to use moulting as cover for robbing the place blind

White Cells


  • Street
  • Common room
  • Upper hallway and rooms
  • kitchen

Rooms very weird:

  • swampy (Brankian)
  • underwater (Emerald Wavedancer)
  • 1/3 gravity (Rith-moth)
  • Kivian subrealm
    • floating in dark nothingness? Dark wooden hallway?

Inn of the Worlds
Description: Inn that caters to Outlanders – unusual atmospheres, foods, languages, visual spectra….
Theme: A place beyond description, filled with adventure hooks.
Aspect: (The Centerpiece of the Realms) Designed For Alien Comfort
Face: Lygga – Meme-infected Iversdotter Hostess (The Crux

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Moulting Op

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