The Manor Op

Riduccio should report his failure to Tessiria, but he needs to steel and relax himself first, so he heads to a seedy part of Belltown, to a filthy whorehouse/tavern called the Cup-and-Ball. A reasonable bribe (Resources Good (3)) or threat of violence (Intimidation Good (3)) will let a PC pretend to be a prostitute, record Riduccio, or similar. She is unlikely to be deceived or talked into it (both Legendary (+8)).

Afterwards, Riduccio will head for Tessiria’s house in Council Heights, and they will need to sneak/fight/talk their way in to hear their conversation (the house is shielded against Sharing).

Compel the following aspects:

Rasine: “Don’t Look At Me!” (whorehouse) and ?
Piah: “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” (“Remember that girl who embarrassed me by sleeping with a filthy Leovite servant? You wouldn’t want to be where she is…”)
Mo Proudhoe: “Rural Revolutionary” (fail to back off) and “Redistributor of Life” (does he heal or kill injured guards?
Erillia: “How Can I Control the World If I Can’t Even Control My Own Head?” (fake guard only she sees)
Gatcha: “Accepted at All Tables, Welcome at None” (Tessiria’s men will have nothing to do with a bizarre Outlander)

Tessiria’s Guards patrol the halls in 4 groups of 2, with Alertness +4

The conversation will point them towards

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Syler told Metis who sent them, and why.

“I learned it from watching you!” (sexual sadism)

“mister Bo” (Mo to madam) — possibly a “John Doe” type thing

Mysterious book in Son of Light (retcon as Sky-Carver) code

tap that aspect (on her being naked)

Has tessiria’s daughter’s signet stamp

t branded r for punishment

The Manor Op

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