The Frame Op

Prove Metis is being framed for “faking” the assassination

Metis is accused of faking his own assassination attempt to garner support.

  • no assassin was found (the Niontian melted)
  • the arrow disappeared (taken by Syler)
  • Some person they can’t find jumped in front of the arrow (Syler in disguise)
  • Court Accuser Tholius claims it was all Dreamsharing, hence the lack of physical evidence.

The team must prove:

  • there was an assassin there
    • Riduccio hired the assassin
      • he can be forced to testify or they can find a bill in his accountant’s house.
    • a philosopher can find some evidence.
      • find physical evidence, hire/persuade Niontian expert.
  • prove there was a savior
    • Syler comes forward (with Erillia)
    • find someone who matches, disguise him (iffy on the Rules)
  • prove there was a weapon
    • bow melted, but a Farsharer can find it in the past
      • the accusers have a Farsharer on the payroll that will lie about what happened.

—> they should be starting to wonder about Gaius’s morality.

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

The Frame Op

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