The Echo Op

(Quiet raging spirits in one of Trevelanius’s investments)

The factory used to be run by Blightbound, whose spirits are still stuck there. They normally stay quiet, but they’ve been wakened and enraged by an attempt to revive Blightbinding.

  • Investigate
  • Fight Echoes
  • Direct to Hegdan
  • Interrogation
  • Direct to Kulaw
  • Interrogation
  • Direct to Yrka
  • Conversation
  • Direct back to Kulaw
  • Epic battle

Pressure – No one else believes (who would believe ghosts?)
Mark – Factory manager Kulaw Jonieta-per (a Pariah Triochean Trader)
Mark’s Angle – Visionary – think of how much money we could make if we could just get over these silly ethical concerns.
Mark’s Power – Tough – He is unshakable
Mark’s Weakness – Tyrannical – Nobody in his pay has much loyalty
Mark’s Vulnerability – Debt – He’s trying to repay Yrka, a local Iversdotter crime lord
Who Else is in Play? – The dupe – Hegdan, Kulaw’s second-in-command, is initially thought to be the one doing it
Twist – The Mob (Yrka) has their eye on this one

The Forgotten Factory
Description: A lost factory haunted by the lost spirits of the workers who died there.
Threat: Angry [[Echoes]] control dangerous machinery.
Aspect: Vengeful Echoes Fueled By Rage
Face: Echoic– The Echo Closest To Humanity

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Echo Op

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