The Demigod Op

(Defend the Greensman from bandits and gain his trust and power vs. the Niontians)

On the way out of the Wilderwoods (or by command, if they come up with a Realmshifting solution), they encounter the The Greensman’s Garden.

  • A Niontian patrol comes across the team, they can’t beat them (as only Rasine and Pi can hurt them).
  • They flee to the garden (or the Greensman comes across them)
  • They will want to know how he did that (he doesn’t properly know)
  • They will probably want his help to:
    • hurt Niontians
    • where did they come from (in the Realm of Lives, that is)
  • The Greensman wants
    • Food for his Morrises
    • remove the poachers nearby
    • show knowledge of the Seeding Manual (did he write it? mmmaybe!)

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Demigod Op

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