The Backstage Op

Something strange is happening at the Nox Theater. Gaius sends in the team when a staged fight turns deadly real, asking them to investigate if it was an accident or sabotage. They discover that Tessiria found a mad Forceshifter and sent him to the theater to fulfill his dark desires. In order to hunt him down, they have to head into the mazes of backstage, with every piece of the theater turning against them.

Big Bad: Predjan Ziljovije, Theatrically Obsessed Serial Killer

Scene 1: What was this accident? Interview the cast, examine the scene:
-Social Clues:

  • There have been a lot of accidents recently
  • Everyone resents Thole, he’s just too good
  • They’ve done this fight scene hundreds of times without a hitch
  • Thole felt as though his sword was almost pulled out of his hand

Physical Clues:

  • Tremendous stench just backstage
  • scrap of fabric
  • sword seemed magically charged

Scene 2: Attacked by the set

  • Kylie is struck by a sandbag, is killed
  • A prop chariot tries to run them down
  • The set starts collapsing on them
  • they spot Predjan

Scene 3: Following backstage

  • Predjan taunting them
  • Rope attack
  • Lantern attacks
  • Armor attacks

Cast of Characters:

  • Thole, Musician non-pareil
    • struck the killing blow
  • Kylie, prima donna
    • wants to blame Thole
  • Azstur, manager
    • just wants his profits to come back. Will cooperate with any reasonable suggestion, but in a big rush
  • Stagehands
    • all Grate-Scratchers, not very notable (except for, secretly, Predjan)

Nox Theater
Description: The biggest theater in the City, center of opera, dance, and stagecraft (literally)
Threat: A Niontian is hiding his dark murders backstage
Aspect: Sumptuous Pleasure Hides Dark Secrets
Face: Azstur Holyw-per – Pariah Theatrical Manager Without a Dramatic Bone in His Body

Shadows and Subterfuge 5×5 Design

Shadows and Subterfuge

The Backstage Op

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