Official Faction Name: Thief-Binders

Alternate Names: Binders, The Watch

Associated Organization: Thief-Binder Clan

Associated Religion: Iversdotter Revelation

Associated Bloodlines: Grate-Scratchers, Iversdotters, Kipmen, Prometheans

Faction Philosophy: Thief-Binders believe in justice. They look at the lack of official police in the City as both a crime and an opportunity, eager to get involved.

The Thief-Binder Clan, while strictly speaking a traditional Iversdotter street gang, rents out its members as private security all over the City, and is the closest thing to an official police force the City can call claim to. Not all Thief-Binders are part of the Clan or work as watch officers, but all respect it and help the Binders with their work.

Thief-Binders are straightforward and honest, finding lies as a fundamental piece of crime and hence anathema.

Base of Operations: The center for Thief-Binder activity is the Watch House in Clovenmouthe, at the center of Thief-Binder Clan territory. However, there are many watch houses throughout the City and each is a bastion of Thief-Binder power.

Spheres of Influence: The Thief-Binder sphere of influence is justice. The environs of the law are the

Allies and Enemies: Canonists and Thief-Binders get along well, striving towards peace and prosperity – and on the same page, they work well with the Fallows. On the other hand, Thief-Binders also like the straightforward Sabercrats, though their goals are quite different. The Egoists, with their disregard for public law, anger the Thief-Binders, as do the chaotic Enders. The Epicureans’ search for excitement often brings them into conflict with the Watch. Additionally, Thief-Binders often come into conflict with Justiciars working for the noble Houses, over differences in interpretation of the law and questions of jurisdiction.

Faction Aspect: The justice-obsessed Thief-Binders often take an aspect reflecting that, such as “Justice Is My Shield and My Weapon,” while others hold their clan dear and take and aspect like “I Have A Thousand Policemen Watching My Back.”

Faction Stunts:

  • Quick Eye (Specialization: Perform Investigation checks two time increments faster)
  • The Serpent’s Tongue (Skill Substitution: Use Intimidation for Empathy or Rapport to get information or “get a read.”)
  • Close at Hand (Specialization: Draw a weapon as a free action)
    choose the following Iconic Stunt for one stunt slot:
  • Respect My Authority (Free-form: Once per session, a target must follow one command (requires opposed [Intimidation or Leadership, player’s choice] vs. Discipline check).

Restrictions: A Thief-Binder must follow the laws of the City precisely, including whatever local practices are used in the local neighborhood.


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