This is the ability to remain unseen and unheard. Directly opposed by Alertness or Investigation, this ability covers everything from skulking in the shadows to hiding under the bed. Characters with a high Stealth include burglars, assassins, and sneaky children.

  • Hiding [Stealth]

When a character is hiding, they’re remaining perfectly still and (hopefully) out of sight. Lighting, obstacles and other environmental factors can affect the player’s roll, and the result of their Stealth roll is the basis for any contest with a searcher’s Alertness or Investigation.

  • Skulking [Stealth]

Skulking is the art of moving while trying to remain unnoticed. It uses many of the same rules as Hiding, but is somewhat more difficult for obvious reasons.

  • Ambush [Stealth]

When a strike is made from ambush, the target gets one last Alertness check to see if they notice something at the last moment. On a success, the target(s) can defend normally. If that Alertness roll fails, the attack is made with the target’s first defense roll at Mediocre ( +0).

  • Stealth in Conflicts [Stealth]

Stealth can be used as an Attack skill in Race conflicts. It can be used as a Defense skill in Race conflicts. It can be used a Maneuver skill in Physical conflicts. It can be used as a Move skill in Race conflicts.

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