Son of Light

Son or Daughter of Light

Descendants of the original rulers of the City, the most populous inhabitants – and even the lowest Son of Light is more noble than the richest of any other bloodline.


In the beginning, after Prometheus gave fire and Crafting to humanity, the Light looked upon Its beloved people and decided that now they must survive on their own. However, It knew that humans could not prosper without Its favor – and so It found the most virtuous among Its people and filled them with Its light. With the power of the sun coursing through their veins, these individuals founded the City of Lives, establishing themselves as its rightful rulers. One became the Monarch of Light, and the rest his royal court.

The Sons of Light ruled the City for generations uncounted – and though their blood became diluted, they ensured it never grew too thin to keep their power and righteousness. Then came the Elder Trio. Tales of that time are lost to the ages, and the few stories that remain are unclear at best – but after the Trio took power, there was no longer a Monarch of Light. The Sons and Daughters maintained their positions in the upper nobility of the City, but the power of the throne had shifted irrevocably to the mysterious Trio.

To this day, the Sons of Light both hold nearly the highest offices in the City, and wish they could hold higher. They resent the Trio, but would not dare to attempt overthrow (unless they could be absolutely certain of success) – so their frustration often filters down into the lower sections of society, oppressing and exploiting the Kipmen, Grate-Scratchers, and Dead-Blooded.

Physical Characteristics

Of all the City’s bloodlines, the Sons and Daughters of Light most closely resemble what most other Realms would call “normal.” They stand from five to six feet tall, weigh from one hundred to two hundred and fifty pounds, and have skin ranging from pale to a deep bronze. Their eyes are green, brown, or blue, and their hair stays in the range of blonde to light brown. However, the Light in their veins shows itself in subtle ways: some Sons’ eyes glow in dim light, while others’ blood is as flammable as lamp oil, and still others find themselves strong as an ox in daylight and weak as a kitten in the dark.

Culture & Personality

Relations With Other Bloodlines

* Dead-Blooded
* Grate-Scratchers: The fact that they’re underground makes it so much easier to pretend they don’t exist.
* Iversdotters: On the one hand, they take care of disgusting districts we’d rather not think about. On the other hand, think of all that power and profit we don’t have.
* Kipmen: Cheaper and less discerning than Iversdotters, they can be useful as guards and laborers. Don’t mistake them for fully human.
* Leovites: They guide us in the way of the Light – but don’t let them ever forget who’s really in charge.
* Outlanders: If they worship the Light, they are already our subjects. If they don’t, sic the Leovites on them. If they refuse to convert, some Kipman mercenaries can take care of them.
* Pariahs: They know all the City’s secrets, so make sure they only reveal those secrets to us.
* Prometheans: An entire clan of rebels, pushing against the comfortable rules we’ve worked so hard to establish. The Light should have wiped them out when their progenitor first disobeyed.
* Rurals: It’s nice they hold us in such high regard – it makes them easier to exploit.
* Sky-Carvers: Worthy allies and opponents (usually at the same time). Don’t make the mistake of really trusting them.

Colonized Lands


* Male: Agnulio, Antius, Arosius, Casus, Cavius, Flepio, Garius, Iulion, Kaeso, Letulus, Merus, Ontas, Ontilius, Petellus, Rullio, Scaius
* Female: Abrinia, Anolia, Aululia, Galisca, Hedia, Lellilia, Lertia, Menia, Millia, Pianta, Sabia, Suria, Ullana, Varila
* Clan (male form): Aetunius, Alvudius, Dostinius, Eccinius, Hactanius, Heodrenius, Norvirius, Notanius, Onnolius, Trelius
* Clan (female form): Aetunia, Alvudia, Dostinia, Eccinia, Hactania, Heodrenia, Norviria, Notania, Onnolia, Trelia
* Descriptor (male form): Albenunias, Axulis, Casiburus, Caunus, Dadumiscos, Iuntaures, Lestus, Sucius, Vigananus
* Descriptor (female form): Aulia, Claulia, Drunia, Holvinia, Menispina, Muria, Oria, Osceta, Savitia, Stanonna, Violana
* Personal names are similar to Earth Latin praenomen. Clan names are similar to Earth Latin gen nomen. Descriptor names are similar to Earth Latin cognomen. All use a male form ending in -us/ius, -o/io, -on, or -o and a female form ending in -a/ia.


Recommended Archetypes: Battlecrafter, Commander, Courtier, Mountebank, Priest, Soldier

Son or Daughter of Light Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* Blood of Emperors
* The Sons of Light are descended from the old ruling class and Monarchs of Light, and know they deserve to rule again.
* Invoke: The character can command respect and obedience from almost anyone.
* *Compel: Compel: The character has trouble relating to other Bloodlines, or backing down and admitting their weaker position.
* Backing of the Noble Houses
* The Sons of Light hold tremendous power, and they all know each other.
* Invoke: The character can gain help, information, or resources from one of the many nobles they know.
* *Compel: Compel: An old ally calls in a favor, or refuses the character’s request
* “The Light Shines Over All”
* The Sons of Light are the foundation of the religion of the Light, so much so that it is in their blood.
* Invoke: The character can gain a bonus to proselytizing, acting in accordance with the ethics of the Light, or use some minor effect of their blood such as seeing in the dark, gaining a bonus to Vigor in the daylight, etc.
* *Compel: Compel: The character is constrained by the ethics of the Light, or suffers a problem due to their blood, such as a penalty to Vigor in the darkness, feeling overpowerful emotions in daylight, etc.
* No Such Thing as Noblesse Oblige
* These members of the ruling class does not believe they owe anything to the lower classes, feeling they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
* Invoke: The character can gain a bonus to manipulate, hurt, or steal from the lower classes.
* *Compel: Compel: The character angers members of the lower classes with their attitude, or cannot find support for their actions.

Bloodline Stunts

Choose one stunt as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). Sons or Daughters of Light may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:

* Knows the Right People (2 to Contacting when in upper classes)
* Social Graces (
2 to Rapport among upper classes)
* Craft Training (Fair Dreamsharing, Fair Forceshaping, or Fair Lightshifting)
* Know Your Place (+2 to Leadership when commanding lower social classes)

Son of Light

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