Sleight of Hand

The hand can certainly be quicker than the eye. This skill covers fine, dexterous activities like stage magic, pickpocketing, and replacing an idol with a bag of sand without tripping a trap. While Athletics is appropriate for gross physical activities, most things requiring manual speed and precision falls under this skill (that said, if you’re picking a lock, use Burglary). Characters with a high Sleight of Hand include street Crafters, pickpockets, and jugglers.

  • Pickpocket [Sleight of Hand]

Picking a pocket is a quick contest between Sleight of Hand and the target’s Alertness (which may be complemented by the target’s own Sleight of Hand). Due to the difficulty of this sort of work, the target usually receives a +2 bonus, as if they were performing a full defense against the action. If the target is distracted by something else, they lose the +2 bonus. If anyone else is in a position to observe the attempt, they also may make Alertness rolls to spot the attempt (though they don’t gain the +2).

  • Art of Distraction [Sleight of Hand]

Characters may use Sleight of Hand to try to hide things in plain sight, and may use Sleight of Hand to oppose any perception check for something that they could try to hide, misplace, or distract attention from. When a character uses this skill to hide something, their skill roll indicates the difficulty of any Investigation rolls to find it.

  • Sleight of Hand in Conflicts [Sleight of Hand]

Sleight of Hand can be used as a Maneuver skill in Physical, Access, Race, and Repair conflicts.

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Sleight of Hand

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