No goal is out of reach for the Sky-Carvers, who flit between their high-topped citadels and plan how to use their power over the air to rule this and every other world.


Somewhere among the realms is a world without land, where floating islands move in the currents of air in a complex dance. That Realm is the ancestral home of the Sky-Carvers, though whether they originated there or come from another realm is lost in the depths of time. The Sky-Carvers’ realm, while beautiful, has little in the way of natural resources—having no oceans and little in the way of agriculturally sound land—and they long ago became dependent on the City of Lives for trade. Over the last two thousand years, the Sky-Carvers began to slowly migrate to the City, envious of their power and influence.

These immigrants brought with them no resources, and no skills appropriate to the working classes—but their impressive Crafting abilities and deviousness earned them much respect. It took a few centuries, but the Sky-Carvers slowly wormed their way into the existing noble structure, intermarrying with the Leovites and Prometheans, making trade agreements, and slowly solidifying their position.

Essentially, this is where the Sky-Carvers stand now—numerous noble houses jockey for position, among each other and with the Leovites and Prometheans, trying to gain more and more power. Their home realm is seldom spoken of and even more seldom visited.

Physical Characteristics

Sky-Carvers tend to be thin and tall, looking slender at best, if not emaciated, to the other bloodlines. Their eyes have no irises, instead being a solid light blue or gray, and their hair is blue, gray, or stark white. Their skin is pale and tinged with a light blue, with white or gray, cloud-shaped, markings often appearing across their skin. These “clouds” move across their skin, floating like the atmospheric phenomena they resemble. Sky-Carvers generate tremendous amounts of static electricity, to the point where it can be quite painful to a non-Sky-Carver touching them, and their body’s energies can be harnessed for certain machines and Relics.

Culture & Personality

Sky-Carvers, as a rule, care about two things—position and position. Their family structures are based on social status, money, and property, and the concept of familial loyalty, let alone love, is almost unknown. At best, a typical Sky-Carver will have alliances rather than friendships, pawns rather than beloved family members.

Crafting is important to the Sky-Carvers—in particular, combining Craft with creativity to make living sculptures, multimedia presentations, and soaring, oversized painting using the sky as a canvas. In fact, all Sky-Carver children are trained in at least one Craft from an early age, and are encouraged to go into the Crafting fields if they must work.

Relations With Other Bloodlines

* Grate-Scratchers: Disgusting. How can they stand to live if they can’t even see the sky? Hate them, or pity them, but don’t let them touch you.
* Iversdotters: Boorish, violent, and with crude, uncultured art. But if you can get one’s trust, you’ll have a lifelong bodyguard.
* Kipmen: Dumb, unreliable, and nearly useless. Cannon fodder or scapegoats at best.
* Leovites: Our closest allies, and fiercest rivals. Ultimately, the Light comes from the sky, not the other way around. One day, we will be where they are. Until then, keep friendly (at least in public).
* Pariahs: Reliably untrustworthy. They know everything, though.
* Prometheans: Our brothers in arms—except when they lower themselves and mix with the underclasses.
* Rurals: Apparently, they have great respect for us, because we control the rain. If only we could find a use for them.
* Crossblood: The most horrid specimens of “humanity” possible, or an untapped resource? You decide.
* Outlanders: Sky-gods are very common in other Realms. Who’s to say we’re not related?

Colonized Lands

Sky-Carvers are almost exclusively City-dwelling, dominating Council Heights and other high-class neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods are unofficially owned and controlled by various Sky-Carver families, who run them like their own little fiefdoms. However, they have little interest in the mundanities of managing their low-level affairs, so hire Pariahs and low-ranking Leovites to govern—and Iversdotters, Kipmen, and Rurals as guards and police.


Most Sky-Carvers make at least lip-service to the Light, but they find the idea of worshiping a deity as superior to them as demeaning and unlikely. A few important Sky-Carver historical figures act as demigods, but even those are seldom worshiped with any regularity or fervor.


* Male: Annirello, Aro, Biano, Cemmelio, Cibaldo, Ediro, Frasillio, Giorele, Ildatoro, Leobremo, Millelino, Orlando, Ottare, Rifroldo, Rovaldo, Sergirdeno
* Female: Eloria, Emora, Giustina, Ierina, Lobrizia, Madionino, Melia, Nila, Olina, Olisevitta, Orsira, Prisetta, Todrizia, Vesper
* Family: Agiustino, Fessametto, di Gionello, Gentanino, la Festaccio, Ottorondillo, Relesinetto
* Personal and family names are similar to Earth Italian names.


Recommended Archetypes: Artist, Battlecrafter, Commander, Courtier, Court Crafter

Sky-Carver Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* Sky-Blooded
# The Sky-Carvers have the power of the sky in their blood, tempestuous and unpredictable.
# Invoke: The character surprises their opponent with an unexpected action, makes it hard to read their intentions, or delivers a small electric shock from the static electricity that surrounds them.
# Compel: The character has trouble focusing on a single problem or following a single plan – or their electric charge comes up at the worst time.
* Bend the World To Our Will
# The Sky-Carvers value power above all else, wishing to one day control the City, the Realm — perhaps all of them.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus to lead others, control and manipulate people.
# Compel: The character values power above honor, friendship, and trust, and shows it.
* Schemes Within Schemes Within Schemes
# Sky-Carvers do not care about honor or loyalty, instead holding up manipulation and complex scheming as the highest virtues.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus to deceiving, manipulating people, and detecting ulterior motives in others.
# Compel: The character cannot grow close or trusting to others, seeing them only as pawns in their game.
* They Look So Small From Up Here
# The Sky-Carvers rise above it all both literally and metaphorically, seeing all other Bloodlines as far beneath them.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus to intimidating, commanding, or manipulating the lesser Bloodlines.
# Compel: The character has trouble relating to those of the lower classes, accepting their help, or even seeing them as worth saving.

Bloodline Stunts

Choose one stunt from the following as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). In addition to their free stunt, Sky-Carvers may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:

* Flight (Free-Form stunt: Can fly. This eliminates or reduces certain kinds of borders, and enables traveling upwards into zones the character would otherwise be unable to reach. Movement during flight is governed by Athletics, just as running is. While in the air, assume the character has a “Flying” Aspect on them).
* Winds of Grace (Skill Substitution: Use Creativity for Athletics for movement or dodging [choose one]). This stunt can only be taken if “Flight” is already taken.
* Social Graces (Concentration: +1 to Rapport among upper classes)
* Know Your Place (Specialization: +2 to Leadership when commanding lower social classes)
* Craft Training (Basic Dreamsharing, Basic Realmshifting, or Basic Windshaping)
* Natural Crafter (Concentration: + 1 to [Attack, Block, or Maneuver—choose one] rolls for Dreamsharing, Realmshifting, or Windshaping [choose one])
* Static Charge (Personal Relic)
# Base item: Medium Ranged Weapon (Dmg +1, Rng 0-1, Piercing)
# Alternate Usage: Creates an electrical blast (removes Piercing, replaces with Electrical)
# Alternate Usage: Controlled by Creativity or Melee [character’s choice]
# Charges: Usable once per session, then must recharge until enough static electricity is absorbed.
# Integral: Part of Sky-Carver biology
# Special Effect: Inflicts fragile Aspect “Shocked” on target


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