Out on the plains, life is simple, farmers living by their utilitarian holy book, the Seeding Manual, and using their natural magics to make their tilling easier.


After the Sons of Light established the City, travelers began to come to the Realm, and the City rapidly increased in size. To support this larger infrastructure, a significant proportion of the City’s inhabitants (and immigrants looking for a better life) moved out, onto the Plains, to start agricultural support for the City. Over the generations, they evolved a symbiotic relationship with the plants they farm.

Physical Characteristics

Out on the Julian Plains, the farmers, ranchers, and miners are short, stocky, and bronzed or even as brown as the dirt they work with. Their eyes and hair tend to brown, though a leafy green is not uncommon. Rurals’ blood is rich, fertile plant food, so they will, as a rule, find moss or small plants sprout from their flesh. An adult Rural may not show any skin through the plant growth, and could have a small flower garden or lentil crop harvested from their body. Rural blood is thick and a muddy red-brown, with a scent of iron and soil.

Culture & Personality

The Rurals are a simple people. They are straightforward and honest—the Rurals don’t have the layers upon layers of deceit, the wheels-within-wheels of machinations the City does. Their beliefs are straightforward, blunt, and black-and-white. This is both positive and negative—they may be more honest and trusting than the City-dwellers, but they can also be small-minded, xenophobic, and harsh judges, unable or unwilling to look at things with the shades-of-gray morality the City lives with.

Relations With Other Bloodlines

* Grate-Scratchers: Beautiful things may live under the soil, but also dangerous vermin. -Extermination 1:1
* Iversdotters: You must always try to approach perfection in your crossbreeding, improving each generation and never growing satisfied with the result, or you will find stagnation. -Breedings 22:3
* Kipmen: For the soul of the beast is noble, and uncorrupted by the sins of man. -Herdsmen 74:2
* Leovites: When the lion roars, stand at attention; for he shall devour your herd, or lead you to the path of all-loving Light. -Herdsmen 32:18
* Pariahs: No plant can live in the dark, nor man in the darkness of the soul. -Glimmingseed 21:10
* Prometheans: For man cannot live without the plow, nor the warmth of the hearth-fire, so embrace these things. -Plowings 3:11
* Sky-Carvers: The sky parted, and the miraculous carvers came down, bringing the life-giving rains with them. -Rains 12:9
* Crossbloods: When breeding your animals, ensure they do not mix without your permission, or the resulting mutt will be useless and unpleasant. Breeding 13:1
* Outlanders: Beware the unknown, whether beast, plant, or man, for it may be poison. -Planting 53:5

Colonized Lands

The Rurals hail from the Julian Plains, most notably the four villages Bavingdon, Hanwer-on-Wirth, Perstoke, and Tursham. The Plains are filled with small estates and large farms, as the Rurals make their living through agriculture. The Rurals have only recently begun moving into the City, looking to fill the new factory jobs in the booming Factorium.


The Rurals follow the word of the Seeding Manual, a book of aphorisms disguised as gardening advice (or possibly the other way around). The Seeding Manual espouses things like every animal having its place, and emphasizing servitude—it is the pig’s role in life to provide a pork dinner, the horse’s to pull a cart. Their beliefs emphasize stability and predictability over freedom—and everything centers around the community over the self, duty over choice.

* Male: Bunsell, Contwell, Davon, Glicki, Hadler, Halgent, Holter, Jarecky, Hupwirch, Kin, Orer, Philey, Rackler, Runden, Stalwidley, Thacky, Wistlord
* Female: Aulbon, Chaleen, Desine, Edwinda, Giria, Gransera, Jenia, Jina, Kamotte, Lun, Lussara, Lusel, Scally, Susselie, Yourcand
* Family: (of) Ackam, Ashwirtand, Asteambleen, Coadermine, Clovards, Inder, Midgam, Oxfoldouch, Salferlon, Whaddlield, Wylmam
* Male personal names are similar to Earth English family names. Female personal names are similar to Earth English female personal names. Family names are similar to English place names.

Recommended Archetypes: Athlete, Explorer, Soldier, Trader

Rural Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* Soil in the Blood
# The long centuries working the soil have made their way into the Rural’s veins, giving them a rich, thick blood, plants growing on their very body, and an affinity for anything green.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus working with plants or plant derivatives, and can make plants grow in a fraction of their normal time by feeding them blood.
# Compel: The plants growing on the character’s skin offend others, or they find themselves focusing more on agriculture than human problems.
* Country Bumpkin
# Rurals, by definition, haven’t grown up in the City, and are unfamiliar with the multicultural experience.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus to inspire pity or cause an enemy to underestimate them—or can gain a bonus to agricultural knowledge.
# Compel: The character doesn’t know some fundamental piece of City lifestyle, or is looked down upon and mistreated.
* The Seeding Manual Reveals All
# The Rurals’ holy book, the Seeding Manual, holds down-to-earth wisdom, and no self-respecting Rural goes anywhere without it in their pocket or in their head.
# Invoke: The character can make a minor declaration or gain a bonus related to the metaphorical farming that fills the book.
# Compel: The character is limited in scope, beholden to the words of the Manual and its ethics.
* Uncomplicated World
# The Rurals live in a simple world, with honesty and straightforwardness at the heart of their world-view.
# Invoke: The character can cut straight to the heart of a problem.
# Compel: The character has trouble dealing with politics, deceit, and other parts of daily City life.

Bloodline Stunts

Choose one stunt from the following as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). Rurals may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:

* Animal Friend (Specialization: Can communicate with a particular type of animal found on or near a farm (cats, cows, horses or the like), with a +2 to Survival when interacting with them)
* Craft Training (Basic Farsharing, Basic Wildshifting, or Basic Worldshaping)
* Medicinal Herbs (Skill Substitution: May use Survival for Philosophy, when using Medicine trapping)
* Simple Strength (Stress Track: Add 1 stress box to either Composure or Health stress track)
* Tireless (Specialization: Vigor can never restrict another skill, and gain +1 to all Vigor checks vs. exhaustion)


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