All cultures have riding animals of some sort, and this skill covers most of them. Characters with high Ride include couriers, racers and traders.

Ride is pretty easy to use. Trying to do something on a horse? Roll Ride, simple as that. If a character trying to do something fancy, like ride and shoot at the same time, Ride will restrict the skill being used (not modify, as a high Ride skill won’t make someone a better shot).

  • Race Conflicts [Ride]

Horses inevitably lead to chases or races, one of the major trappings of this skill. In a race conflict, a character’s Ride skill is used to close the distance between them and the horse they’re chasing (or increase the distance if they’re the one being chased!). It’s also used to bring quick resolution to the issues brought up by terrain and other obstacles. For an extensive treatment of race conflict rules, see Conflicts and Resolution.

  • Ride in Conflicts [Ride]

Ride is a primary Attack skill in Race conflicts. It is a primary Defense skill in Race conflicts. It can be used as a Move skill in Physical and Race conflicts.

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