The flipside of Intimidation, this is the ability to talk with people in a friendly fashion and make a good impression, and perhaps convince them to see one’s side of things. Any time a character wants to communicate without an implicit threat, this is the skill to use, which makes it appropriate for interviewing. Characters with high Rapport include swindlers, courtiers, and priests.

  • First Impressions [Rapport]

The first time a character meets someone, the GM may call for a quick Rapport roll to determine the impression the character makes. For more guidelines governing first impressions, see Running the Game.

  • Closing Down [Rapport]

Rapport controls the face the character shows to the world, and that includes what they choose not to show. As such, when a character tries to use Empathy to get a read on a character, it is opposed by Rapport. If the character wishes to simply reveal nothing, they may use Rapport and take the equivalent of a defensive action, gaining a +2 on their roll.

This is over and above the “default” of a Rapport defense because it is openly obvious: the character is wiping all emotions off of their face. It also requires that the character be consciously aware that someone’s trying to get a read off of them. If the character is trying not to look like they’re actively warding off the read, or isn’t really aware they’re being read, then they aren’t taking a full defensive action, and do not get the +2.

  • Opening Up [Rapport]

Characters skilled in Rapport are able to control which side of their personality is shown to others, seeming to open up while actually guarding their deepest secrets. Since true things are still revealed about the character, this is not an inherently deceptive action. When a character opens up, they defend against an Empathy read with Rapport, as usual. If their opponent succeeds and generates at least one degree, they find something out, as usual. If not, they still discover an aspect—but it’s one of the defending character’s choice.

This can effectively be used to stonewall someone without the obvious poker face of Closing Down. On top of it all, the character opening up can always choose to reveal something that the other character already knows about.

  • Rapport in Crafting [Rapport]

Rapport governs Mindsharing.

  • Rapport in Conflicts [Rapport]

Rapport is a primary Attack skill in Social conflicts. It can be used as a Maneuver skill in Physical conflicts. It can be used as a Move skill in Social conflicts.

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