The oldest bloodline, descended from the man who brought fire from the sky and began civilization, Prometheans are old but not decadent, taking their time to make art out of anything and everything.


Before the dawn of civilization, the Light watched over mankind, tending them as a man would his sheep. From Its moving chariot, the Sun, the Light shone and warmed man with its gentle fire. However, one of the Light’s children, a half-human named Prometheus, thought the primitive men had the potential to do more, to create and explore, rather than simply living like the beasts of the field. And so, he took it upon himself to rise to his parent and take some of Its fire for the humans. He showed the men the power of fire, how it relieved their dependence on the Light for warmth, and allowed them to work during the night. And he taught them the first Craft—Flameshaping—showing them how to use fire for both art and artifice.

Though the Light took Prometheus away once It discovered his theft, chaining him to the Worlds’ Cross, his seed had already spread among the humans. Since that day, the line of Prometheus has been long and influential. The greatest artists and artificers in history—Grebma Thistletongue, Iaro of the Painted Vale, Ossen via Dromos, all take their cue from the Prometheans. The lights that keep the City working day and night, the constructs that perform labor too dangerous for even Kipmen, the vast Realmshifter Library that provides directions to hundreds of Realms—all of these have their roots in the Prometheans.

In the City today, the Prometheans are well-respected and called upon by many. Their role in government is second only to the Leovites.

Physical Characteristics

Prometheans hold the power of fire in their veins, a constant reminder of their relationship with the original Flameshaper. Their skin is burnished a dull red, and their veins glow with a dim orange light. A Promethean exudes a slight heat, causing discomfort to those who stay too close for too long. Oftentimes, the scent of smoke lingers about them with no apparent source. The insides of a Promethean are even hotter, their blood dripping like magma and an internal flame incinerating anything that enters their stomach. Many Prometheans learn to control this inner heat, either through full Flameshaping, or in a more limited fashion—a tightly-controlled sphere of fire sitting inside the mouth is a common fashion statement in the City these days. Prometheans have fine features—an aquiline nose is common, as well as high breasts among the women, and shapely legs and arms among both genders. Their hair can be any shade of fire—red, orange, blue and yellow—though soot-black and ash-gray are also common. All Prometheans have eyes like glowing coals, and are often unsettling to Outlanders.

Culture & Personality

The most important facet of Promethean culture is art. Whether painting, music, sculpture, architecture—or, less conventionally, artificing or Craft, or even athletic pursuits or martial skills—some form of artistic expression forms the basis of nearly every Promethean’s personality and interaction with the world. Laws and government announcements arrive in haiku or sonnet, tools are designed for form as much as function, even combat techniques include as much dance as lethality in their formulation. Although their aristocratic airs, uselessly long speeches and overcomplicated social protocols are rote, the Prometheans do them with such vigor and panache, and with such flowery articulateness, that it’s nonetheless impressive.

Relations With Other Bloodlines

* Grate-Scratchers: Useful as junk dealers, but far too practical—and far too wet —to befriend.
* Iversdotters: The need to distinguish their identical forms leads to extraordinary artistry, and it often seems as though they have fire in their blood. If only they weren’t so angry.
* Kipmen: Their unique countenances make them perfect artist’s models. Their temperaments make them perfect pets.
* Leovites: Their god imprisoned our father. And they have no sense of artistry. Why bother?
* Pariahs: Dour, deceitful, and obsessed with shadows. We have no business with them.
* Rurals: The simple folk—they’re what our father was all about. Even if they can’t appreciate art properly, give them a good meal and some good conversation.
* Sky-Carvers: Their artistic temperaments make them kindred spirits, but they are cold and often stormy. Approach with caution.
* Crossbloods: Diluting the blood of our father is difficult to justify. Those crossbloods of other bloodlines, however, can do as they please.
* Outlanders: New art forms are always welcome. Greet them with open arms.

Colonized Lands

The Prometheans live mostly in the upper-class areas of the City—Council Heights, Sylvennis, and occasionally Belltown. Their dominated areas they control with a loose hand, letting the more mundane elements run themselves without interference. Those who venture outside the City seldom settle in the Realm of Lives, instead traveling across the Realms into more exciting locales, where they can find more exotic sights.


The Promethean religion is a heretical offshoot of the Light, known as the Promethean Heresy. They acknowledge the Light’s divinity, but believe in Prometheus as morally superior to his progenitor. Their prayers—artistic creations burnt as offerings—are said to travel to Prometheus where he lies chained at the Worlds’ Cross, and the Prometheans wait for the day when their prayers will free him from his chains and he will return to the Realm of Lives.


* Male: Ampholeus, Argolus, Atrames, Brileus, Estrymnios, Phlestirnes, Spinnos, Spiridas, Stenis, Tercalonus, Thedicharis, Theophonos, Vasso
* Female: Calene, Criaste, Deidora, Elimpia, Eurate, Iomete, Phaedra, Pinias
* Family Names: Patronymics, nicknames, and place names are all used. The most common form is to list their noble House, as per “Ampholeus House Varos.” Their House names are almost invariably patronymics.
* Personal names are similar to Earth Greek names. Family names are varied (see above).

Recommended Archetypes: Artist, Court Crafter, Courtier, Explorer (Realmshifter), Philosopher, Priest (cultist)

Promethean Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* Liquid Fire in their Veins
# The ancient fire that Prometheus brought down from the sky still flows through the veins of the Prometheans.
# Invoke: The character can resist heat and fire damage, provide light and heat and even light fires with their blood.
# Compel: The character is vulnerable to cold and ice, and the heat and smell of smoke can make others uncomfortable.
* Society Older Than Gods
# The Prometheans are the single oldest Bloodline, with a continuous culture that dates back many millennia.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus to historical knowledge or knowledge of the City.
# Compel: New developments tend to pass Prometheans by, and they are uncomfortable with new technologies and techniques.
* All of Life is Art
# The Promethean philosophy is that art is the most important endeavor, and try to incorporate it into all parts of life.
# Invoke: The character gains a bonus to a creative endeavor, or performing an ordinary action in an artistic way.
# Compel: The character chooses artistic accomplishment over any other action—even saving lives.
* Better Than You
# The peak of human intellect, physique, and (especially) creative ability, Prometheans are simply, without malice or arrogance, better than you.
# Invoke: The character can perform at the human peak.
# Compel: The character’s quiet arrogance offends others—or, alternately, discovers they are not as talented as they thought.

Bloodline Stunts

Choose one stunt from the following as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). Prometheans may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:

* Virtuoso (Specialization: +2 to Creativity when creating with a favored art form)
* Knows the Right People (Concentration: +1 to Contacting when in upper classes)
* Craft Training (Basic Flameshaping), Basic Realmshifting, or Basic Farsharing)
* Flame-mouthed (Personal Relic: a flame sits in the character’s mouth)
# Base Item: Lantern (creates light)
# Additional Capability: Inflicts fragile Aspect “on fire” on the target of an attack action.
# Armed: uses Melee, Dmg: +1, Rng: 0-1
# Integral: Part of the character’s biology.


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