People of Interest

Penelope via Dromos: a Promethean who took up the unusual career of ship’s captain, was intent on protecting both herself and the other merchants. She gathered together everyone who had a vested interest in the harbor’s proper functioning and drew up a compact. These accords laid out expected behavior, fair trade price guidelines, and security measures. Penelope herself is long since dead

The Elder Trio

Brezza Drasavanic – Grate-Scratcher Security Chief Looking To Keep Her People Safe

Ingra Eagle-Shield Iversdotter – Good-hearted But Ruthless Gang Leader

Mirko Svijevic – Friendly But Imposing Grate-Scratcher Barkeep

Elexender Gwaiotus

Arcadipane Trelia/Trevia – Weaselly Councilor

Chelle of Lions-Eye – Staid But Ambitious Iversdotter Gang Leader

Chark Bleeder – Kipman Constable in Trevius’ Pay

Thrike Realmgouger – Kipman Badass Park Ranger

Aher lev-Yaron, Leovite Bureaucrat on the Take

Arrulio Tralius Verimadis – Morally Questonable High Councilor

Truccio Iovennio — Idealistic Young Councilor In Over His Head

Arbron Solfidley — Rich Rural Revolutionary Working From Within

Skarch (m)
Is the Face of… The Crashers’ Camp
With the Character Concept… Kipman Barbarian Leader Working on His Anger Issues
And Motivation… Keep the City off his back so he can deal with the Dead Tribes
With These Relationships…

Marcus Fabius – “John Doe”

: Gnossos Teltionis – Realmshifter Librarian of the Cosmos

Lygga – Meme-infected Iversdotter Hostess

Obberthorn Delto – Rural Leader of the Small and Spunky “Delto Trades”

Dobbin (m)
Is the Face of… Sideways Alley
With the Character Concept… “Humble” Information Merchant
And Motivation… Profit!
With These Relationships…
Knows Everyone

Afton Brand (m)
Is the Face of… The Explorer’s Guild
With the Character Concept… The Greatest Explorer Ever
And Motivation…
With These Relationships…

Echoic – The Echo Closest To Humanity

Goda Zlanovic, Grate-Scratcher Foreman Entrenched in the System

The Ravenian

Elexender Gwaiotus (m)
Is the Face of… The Lost District
With the Character Concept… Well-Meaning Dead-Blooded Activist
And Motivation…Wants to keep the District safe
With These Relationships
Hates/ed by: The Elder Trio
Hates/ed by: Arcadipane Trelia
Friends With: Ingra Eagle-Shield Iversdotter
Disapproves of: The Ravenian

Cruentus—Blood-Crazed, Degenerate Cultist Leader

Esmelia Colchrinia- Naive Revolutionary

Stomna Cattilia – Suspiciously Cheerful Dead-Blood Mortician

Zlivko Tokh – Grate-Scratcher Collector of Treasures – Living or Dead

Rebec lev-Shivrael – Leovite Madame Willing to Sell Her Girls Out For a Solu

Leopona Bofia-per – Pariah Madam Will Protect Her Girls Even From the Big Boys

Predjan Ziljovije – Grate-Scratcher Theatrical Manager Without a Dramatic Bone in His Body

Nari Rona-per – Pariah Philosopher Resentful That Brains Aren’t Enough (Guild of Alchemists and Artificers)

Zebed lev-Shaluchel – Leovite Administrator With His Boot Coming Down (Free Association)

Michai lev-Cadron – Consummate Host Will Get You Anything (Plentifer Club)

Eliah lev-Behary – Embittered Leovite Tax Man (Department of Levies)

Ignace Synela-per – Pariah Banker (Gambler’s Depository)

Ornurius Rallius – Imperious Judge Who Cows No-One (Seat of Judgment)

Suliana Idoletta – Desperate Sky-Carver Matriarch Will Do Anything to Restore Her Status

Oritryta Daceas – The Perfect Patron of the Arts

Aliavera Gwaiotus – Blood-Denying Avant-Garde Matriarch

Zias lev-Phimeon – Leovite of Great Faith and Passion (Church of the Blinding Light)
and Theodocrita – Crackpot Who’s Right

The Heliolate – Son of Light Helior Cultist Intent on Destroying the World
and Stegdan Korcena-per – Eminently Practical Theosophist (Cult Circle)

Theodocrita (f)
Is the Face of… Church of the Blinding Light
With the Character Concept… Fundamentalist Crackpot Who Knows More Than She Knows
And Motivation… Keep the City Running
With These Relationships…
Working against: The Helior
Supports: Arcadipane’s bid for power

The Heliolate (m)
Is the Face of… Cult Circle
With the Character Concept… Mad Cult Leader Intent on Ending the World
And Motivation… Bring the Helior to eat the Sun and reward him
With These Relationships…

Wary Alliance With: The Ravenian
Opposed By: Theodocrita

Kurona Ignena-per – Pariah Dockmaster Criminal (Dock 112)

Ilia Trade-Wind Iversdotter – An Iron Fist in a Worn Velvet Glove (The Compact House)

the founder of the Entropic Circle, Martof Irina-per. Martof believes whole-heartedly in chaos and destruction,
Arcadipane Trelia

Outside the City
The Greensman

Arun lev-Zeron – Trader (Julian Plains)

Emeralison Wayfield – Surprisingly Cultured Rural With Secrets To Hide (Wayfield’s Roadhouse)

Thorogood Prestin – Farmer Scared Into Paranoia (Prestin Farmhouse)

Plenton Wells — Desperate and Paranoid Cowboy Protecting His Property (Wells Ranch)

Brakk — Kipman Raider Itching To Cause Some Chaos
Orton — Rural community Leader With His Head in the Sand
Vertex-of-Pain – Niontian Captain Intrigued by the “Truth-Tellers” (Niontian Outpost)
The Ravenian (f)
Is the Face of… The Addix
With the Character Concept… Walking Ravager of Life
And Motivation… Spread her people’s misery
With These Relationships…

Ta’shin — Tuol Chieftain Who Reforms The Earth As He Sees Fit (Holoceners/The Realm of Opening)

Historical Personages

  • Corposant
  • Fletcher Byzan
  • Grebma Thistletongue – famous artist, Promethean
  • Iaro of the Painted Vale – famous artist, Promethean
  • Ossen via Dromos – famous artist, Promethean
  • The Red Duke
  • Baron Zeitgeist
  • Iver
    Prometheus – Angry But Good-Hearted Demigod
    The Eagle – Prometheus’s Sadistic Gaoler

People of Interest

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