Anyone who wanders in from another Realm is both suspect and welcome in the City.

Creating an Outlander


The City of Lives is open to travelers from Realms all across creation, and, this is a catchall category for the various types of human and humanoid immigrants who enter the City. Everyone from the Dal to the Kivians to creatures from far Realms who are more abstraction than concrete individuals.

Physical Characteristics

Most inhabitants of the Realms easily accessible to the City are at least relatively human, though often more exotic than the City’s own bloodlines. However, even completely non-human entities, such as the Uvian Gatherers, can be found in the City and are encompassed by the label “Outlander.”

Culture & Personality

Cultures vary across the Realms, with travelers often breaking all of the City’s taboos and bringing a host of their own.

Relations With Other Bloodlines

* Relations vary from culture to culture.

Colonized Lands

No Outlanders own any notable lands within the Realm of Lives, but their home Realms vary all across the imagination.


A variety of religions range across the Realms, from the Light to Kivian Taoism to Practical Theosophy, so Outlanders can bring any number of beliefs to the City.


* Too diverse to list

Recommended Archetypes: Too diverse to list, but Explorers often find their way to the City.

Outlander Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* [?] Blood
# Every Outlander species has some aspect that can be expressed as part of their “blood,” dealing with how they are physically different from “normal” humans and how that influences their physical capabilities and emotional tendencies.
* Mistrusted Outsider
# The City of Lives, which cosmopolitan, is still a fairly insular society. This aspect reflects an Outlander’s mysterious and mistrusted nature.
# Invoke: The character bluffs about their capabilities to a City denizen who doesn’t know any better, imposes or intimidates someone with their unfamiliarity, or confuses their opponent with unfamiliar tactics.
# Compel: The character suffers a penalty to dealing with a xenophobic citizen, gets confused by City customs or information they don’t know, or doesn’t know anyone to talk to or purchase from.
* [freeform]
# This Aspect can be anything dealing with the nature or society of the Outlander.
* [freeform]
# This Aspect can be anything dealing with the nature or society of the Outlander.

Bloodline Stunts

Choose one stunt from the following as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). In addition to their free stunt, Outlanders may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:
* Create 4-6 stunts, using the Stunts rules, related to your Outlander’s capabilities.
* One common type of Bloodline stunt is the Basic Craft stunt in one of three (3) Crafts most thematically appropriate to the Bloodline (usually, but not always, one each of Shaping, Sharing, and Shifting).
* Another common type of Bloodline stunt is the Personal Relic, designed with the Relic Design rules, reflecting part of the character’s biology. This always uses the “Integral” improvement, with 2 others (more improvements can be gained through the “Charges” or “Single-Use” improvements).
* Neither of these types of stunts are required, and if you don’t need to create a full 4-6 stunts in order to create your Outlander character and only create one for the free stunt, that’s fine. Any free stunt must be clearly appropriate and unique to that Outlander species.

A handful of Outlanders appropriate for Player Characters follow:
* Most notably, the Dal, who are pure humans living in a high medieval culture, intended for new players to help them adapt to the strangeness of the City of Lives.
* Droghan/The Hateful: A culture of Nullcrafters, dedicated to the eradication of Crafting in any form.
* Chinkasqa: A near-human species from the ridiculously dangerous jungle of Munti Manchay, the Chinkasqa communicate through chameleonic patterns on their skin.
* Delvers: A race of dwarfish cyclops whose intensely communal culture means that they are uncomfortable alone in the City.
* Holoceners: Near-humans who have no civilization or technology to speak of, but whose raw Crafting talent is unparalleled.
* Kivians: Reptilian humanoids who live so completely alone that they will see more people in a single hour in the City than they would in their entire lives at home. The creators of the influential Kivian Taoism religion.
* Ma’ar: Realmshifting six-legged sentient “big cat” marauders, in a cross-world conflict with the Shertasi.
* Memes: Sentient viruses transmitted by speech and thought, few can control themselves well enough to visit the City safely.
* Shertasi: Realmshifting twelve-foot reptilian humanoid imperialists, in a cross-world conflict with the Ma’ar.

The following Outlanders, due to their strange physical or mental characteristics, are appropriate only for Non-Player Characters or possibly advanced players:
* Emerald Wavedancers: Non-humanoids from a water Realm, the Wavedancers have power over water that dwarfs all but the most powerful Waveshapers.
* Fractal Elves: Beings from the Far Realms, who exist in multiple worlds at once in a complex, beautiful—and often deadly—state.
* Nethermen: Claiming to come from the mythical space between the Realms, nethermen are perfectly human in their physique, but cannot understand a world as stable and immutable as ordinary reality. Their tendency to walk into walls is amusing, but casual murder (expecting the victim to get back up the next second) is less so.
* Niontians: Hailing from the lesser Chthonic worlds, Niontians are living shadows who live by a code of deceit.
* Notional Constructs: Sometimes an idea takes physical form. Pure and elemental in their world-view, notional constructs have a tendency towards fighting.
* Scarcity Merchants: Far-Realm beings able to manipulate reality and give a customer exactly what they need—but charge bizarre and arcane prices, like your sense of humor, one hour out of every week, or the gender of your first child.
* Uvian Gatherers: The sixteen-legged amphibious Uvians collect everything, from precious stones to rare animals to interesting people. Their gathering expeditions to the City seldom end well for the City residents.


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