This is the skill for fighting at close range, using anything from swords to knives to axes to clubs to bare fists. With specialized training, this may include the practice of more disciplined fisticuffs, such as the martial arts of the Iversdotters. As a combat skill, Melee allows characters to defend themselves as well as attack. Melee fighters are also well-versed in a variety of weapons and fighting styles from all over the Realms, and may use this skill as a limited sort of knowledge skill covering those areas.

Characters with high Melee include soldiers, thugs, and some kinds of athletes. If someone is devoted to using Melee as a strong component of their fighting style, it can safely be assumed that they possess the sufficient weaponry in order to make use of the skill, regardless of Resources rating. This is, of course, subject to the rigors of character concept and GM approval. In general, a character can be assumed to own melee weapons with cost equal to one half their ranks in the Melee skill (round down).

  • Melee in Conflicts [Melee]

Melee is the primary Attack skill in Physical conflicts. It is one of the primary Defense skills in Physical conflicts. It can be used as a Maneuver skill in Race conflicts.

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