Priests with leonine aspects, who run the City’s dominant religion, the Church of the Blinding Light, and also most of the City’s bureaucracy.


Shortly after the Elder Trio took control of the City, a new bloodline appeared in the City. The Leovites stepped through a ‘gate and into their current positions, reassuring the populace that the Light had not abandoned them, and had in fact sent the Leovites to help them adjust to the new City the Trio had created. The Leovites claimed to be a remote Son of Light colony, transformed to a new shape to better represent the Light and its interests. With not another word as to their origin, the Leovites quietly took over the temples throughout the City and began to preach, successfully drawing back the many who had in fact lost their faith upon being apparently abandoned during the Trio’s power-grab.

Since that time, the Leovites have spread out from their original roles. They are one of the three primary upper-class Bloodlines, along with the Sky-Carvers and Prometheans. Those who are not aristocrats often go into service of the Church of the Blinding Light or running the City’s bureaucracy, holding as much power behind the scenes as their brethren do openly.

Physical Characteristics

An ignorant Outlander might mistake a Leovite for a Kipman at first glance, as both bloodlines have animalistic features. However, the Leovite is no mish-mash, instead holding only the characteristics of the noble lion. Leovites have a flattened nose, cleft lip, and distinct fangs, giving them a superficial similarity to a lion’s face. Leovites are covered with a fine fur, and men have a distinctive shaggy mane—while women’s heads are covered only with fur and a slight spiky ruff of hair. Leovite fur and hair is always brown—from a golden brown to a darker reddish brown—though the mane can darken into a full black in older men. Leovites have thick finger- and toenails, almost claw-like. They are tall and thick-bodied, generally well-muscled—but with fairly profound sexual dimorphism, with Leovite men standing at six to seven feet and weighing in at [?], while their women are only five to five and half feet tall, and tending much slimmer and wirier. Leovite eyes are brown, light brown, light green, hazel, or a golden yellow. The Light in their blood evidences itself in interesting ways: Most Leovites have gently glowing eyes, and the men’s manes shine slightly, so that it always looks like they’re surrounded by a halo. Additionally, it is well known that the Leovites are stronger and faster during the day, and weaker and more lethargic at night.

Culture & Personality

Leovite culture is inextricably linked to duty: duty to The Light, to the City, to the lower classes, to their family. Their behavior is tightly proscribed by the Books of Light, the City laws, and rules specific to their noble House (which vary radically depending on the House’s focus and patronage).

Relations With Other Bloodlines

* Grate-Scratchers: Under the ground, the darkness ruled. And we took the poor souls who had never seen the sun, and led them into the Light. -Penitence 11:1
* Iversdotters: The Light chose the form of humanity, and called it good. It decided no two men should be the same in face or voice, or they would act against Its divine wishes. -Origins 22:2
* Kipmen: And the beasts were to be commanded by the Leovites, for they had no minds and no souls. -The Code of Light 49:12
* Pariahs: “Despair and regret are not my way” spake the Light unto the newcomers. But they would not listen, and the Light turned away from them. -Newcomers 4:10
* Prometheans: And the Light placed Its son in chains, and said to Its chosen “be careful of Prometheus’s children, for they have both wickedness and nobility within them.” -Prometheus 92:34
* Rurals: The soil exploded with the power of the Light, and men sprang from it, full of vigor and noble spirit. -Plains 25:5
* Sky-Carvers: And the men from the sky came down, and the Light’s servants asked “are these sent from You?”—and the Light did not answer. -Newcomers 20:2
* Crossbloods: Only the Light shall have the power to change man’s face, and you shall look poorly on those who flout Its law. -Blood 1:13
* Outlanders: The Light spoke, and Its voice resonated in the ears of the Leovites. And It said “spread my message, to all realms and peoples.” -Proselytizing 1:4

Colonized Lands

The Leovite presence is largely focused within the City itself—mostly in Sylvennis or Templedowns within the neighborhoods controlled by the Church of the Blinding Light—but many also live in Solura, running the City infrastructure. They live in tightly-knit families called “noble Houses,” which constantly vie for power amongst themselves and with the Sky-Carvers and Prometheans. Some However, since proselytizing is an important facet of the Light, many Leovites spread into the Julian Plains or into other Realms on missionary work or support positions.


Leovites make up the majority of the City’s priesthood, almost universally in the Church of the Blinding Light. Their rituals vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, but all follow the holy texts known collectively as “The Books of Light,” and its 3 primary precepts:

# There Are No Gods But The Light
# The Light Must Shine Everywhere
# There Shall Always Be Peace and Healing


* Male: Denin, Efrael, Emael, Elavi, Lelom, Mat, Otnen, Tidon, Toriel, Zeron
* Female: Bina, Chorina, Elkitra, Huda, Kemir, Nofiya, Shabiri, Yemi, Zevena
* Family: lev-Zeron, lev-Elavi, etc.
* Personal names are similar to Earth Hebrew names. Family names are patronymics with the linking phrase “lev-”.

Recommended Archetypes: Commander, Court Crafter, Courtier, Priest


Leovite Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* Blood of the King of the Plains
# The Leovites are descended from the noble lion, ruler of both the plains and the City.
# Invoke: The character can command respect and obedience from almost anyone, or gains a bonus to brave actions, using their claws, and to impress others.
# Compel: The character has trouble relating to other Bloodlines, or backing down and admitting their weaker position.
* “The Light Shines Over All”
# The Leovites are the foundation of the religion of the Light, so much so that it is in their blood.
# Invoke: The character can gain a bonus to proselytizing, acting in accordance with the ethics of the Light, or use some minor effect of their blood such as seeing in the dark, gaining a bonus to Vigor in the daylight, etc.
# Compel: The character is constrained by the ethics of the Light, or suffers a problem due to their blood, such as a penalty to Vigor in the darkness, feeling overpowerful emotions in daylight, etc.
* Religious Caste
# The Leovites make up the majority of the Lightspeaker priests throughout the City.
# Invoke: The character commands great respect, gaining a bonus to social skills, or knows someone useful in the religious hierarchy.
# Compel: The character is drawn into the religious duties of Leovite culture, or bound by their ethics.
* Backing of the Noble Houses
# The Leovites hold tremendous power, and they all know each other.
# Invoke: The character can gain help, information, or resources from one of the many nobles they know.
# Compel: An old ally calls in a favor, or refuses the character’s request

Bloodline Stunts
Choose one stunt from the following as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). In addition to their free stunt, Grate-Scratchers may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:
* Knowledge of the Light (Specialization: +2 to Conviction when dealing with the religion of the Light)
* Knows the Right People (Concentration: +1 to Contacting when in upper classes)
* Craft Training (Basic Lightshaping, Basic Forceshifting), or Basic Soulsharing)
* Voice of the Lion (Personal Relic: a mystically powerful voice)
# Base Item: Bullhorn
# Integral: Part of the character’s biology
# Craftsmanship: +1 to Intimidation or Rapport (player’s choice)
# Additional Capability: Spend a fate point to place sticky aspect “Deafened” on a target (Rng 0-3)


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