Leadership is a multi-faceted skill. A good leader knows how to direct and inspire people, but they also understand how to run an organization. As such, the Leadership skill covers acts of both types. Characters with a high Leadership include military officers, politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers.

  • Administration [Leadership]

Any organization which the character is in charge of uses their Leadership as its default value for any question of how organized it is. This establishes the difficulty for things like bribery or theft, and also gives a general sense of how quickly and efficiently the organization acts.

  • Bureaucracy [Leadership]

A good leader has knowledge of organizations and the rules that govern them, including knowledge of laws, bribery and other means of dealing with red tape; this is why Leadership is a key skill for lawyers. Leadership serves as an all-purpose knowledge skill for knowing how to act in a given organization, including important things like how much to bribe.

  • Command [Leadership]

Leadership can be used to direct troops, workers or any other group activity. Any time the character is in a position to give orders to a group of minions, they may apply their Leadership as a modifying secondary skill on the minions’ skill roll. In a conflict, offering this assistance takes the character’s action, but can affect the minions attached to them. While attached minions cannot normally act, when they are being directed by the character with leadership, they act as if they were not attached.

Example: Mo and his team are going up against Tessiria Aderino. Tessiria has several minion groups, her guards, acting for her. She uses her turn to shout orders to them, using her Leadership skill. Since her Leadership is Superb ( +5), it acts to modify the minions’ Good ( +3) Melee skills, raising it to Great ( +4) for that turn.

  • Therapeutic Attention [Leadership]

Leaders are broadly versed, and this includes a basic understanding of motivation and the human mind. A character can use the Leadership skill for psychological “first aid” and more advanced therapeutic purposes. See below for a discussion of the difficulties in using Leadership for therapeutic purposes.

  • Leadership in Conflicts [Leadership]

Leadership can be used as a Maneuver skill in Social conflicts.

Therapeutic Attention

  • When using Leadership as first aid in the middle of a fight, the character must take a full action with a target who’s not trying to do anything else active (i.e., forfeiting their next action). Make a roll against a target of Mediocre ( +0); if it succeeds with at least one degree, the subject may remove a checkmark in their one-stress box on their Composure stress track. Every two degrees beyond the first improves this effect by one; for example, with five degrees, a character can remove a checkmark in their target’s three-stress box. Success can also be used to “stabilize” someone who has taken a severe or lesser consequence that would appear to be intensely threatening (e.g., a “Psychotic Break” aspect)—in game terms, this has the effect of limiting the extent to which the aspect can be compelled. A given person can’t be the target of more than one first aid action in a single conflict.

When using Leadership to address someone’s long-term mental injuries, the character must spend a scene providing proper therapeutic attention. This is a use of Leadership to directly address someone’s mental, long-term consequences. If the roll is successful, then the time it takes the subject to recover from the consequence is reduced by one step on the Time Chart. Multiple such attempts may not be made.

The difficulty of the roll depends on the severity of the consequence; the difficulty increases by two steps for each level of severity:

Consequence Difficulty to Reduce Time
Mild Mediocre ( +2)
Moderate Fair ( +4)
Severe Great ( +6)

At the GM’s discretion, when the therapist in question gains spin on their roll, the time to recover may be reduced by two steps instead of one.

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