Kivian Taoism

A religion common in many other Realms but uncommon in the City, that emphasizes a relaxed view of the world.

The core concept of Taoism is understanding and following the “tao” – or “path/way/doctrine/etc.” — that is the “flow of the universe.” True adherents try to practice “wu wei” (“without action”), trying to “go with the flow” and keeping their ego out of the way of their lives.

A Kivian Taoist is unflappable, unconcerned with politics and strife, either incapable of handling the stresses of City life or simply not wanting to.

The Kivians are a species who live in nearly complete isolation, coming together only to breed – and so they developed a philosophy of self above all. This is, after all, still Taoism, so it will not be ego above all – the believers still believe that the universe has a flow and following it without effort is the “way” – but the way has no room for other people in it.

A Kivian Taoist would not hesitate to use force or violence, should something get in the way of their own personal “tao.” Some might take up the religion as a way to justify a heartless life, crushing everything in the way of their goals – but that would be a perversion of the proper concept, because it is based on ego, which should be removed from action in proper Kivian Taoism. How exactly a believer decides what is part of their “way” and should be allowed, and what is attempting to pull them from their “way” and should be eliminated, is a question that has been a point of contention in Kivian doctrine for centuries…



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Kivian Taoism

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