Historical Events

  • The Creation of the Central Spire – a purported attempt to reach the stars eventually abandoned as easier techniques became available.
  • Dead Raids – one of the many times the Dead Tribes attacked and raided the City
  • Octember Revolution – when the Dead-Blooded rose up and attempted to take Clovenmouthe
  • The War of Twelve
  • The Breaking: When the Elder Trio took over. Approximately five hundred years ago (the three dominant calendars place it at 502, 514, or 526 years), the Elder Trio came to the City. They deposed the Monarch of Light (in an event known as The Breaking and opened the City up to trade and immigration on an unprecedented scale.

Historical Personages

  • Corposant
  • Fletcher Byzan
  • Grebma Thistletongue – famous artist, Promethean
  • Iaro of the Painted Vale – famous artist, Promethean
  • Ossen via Dromos – famous artist, Promethean
  • The Red Duke
  • Baron Zeitgeist


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