Discipline is a measure of a character’s self-mastery, as expressed through things like courage and willpower. It’s an indicator of coolness under fire and also represents the drive not to quit. It plays a key part in efforts to resist torture or the strange mental powers of psychic villainy.

  • Mental Defense [Discipline]

Discipline is almost always rolled in response to something, rather than on its own. Its primary role is as defense against most kinds of social manipulation or distraction. Discipline also shines in situations which have spun very much out of control. Characters with a high Discipline have a distinct advantage in continuing to keep their head about them and respond calmly. Similarly, when all seems lost, a character with a strong Discipline is often capable of soldiering on. A character with high Conviction and low Discipline feels the effects of the world’s stresses, but perseveres nonetheless; a character with high Discipline and low Conviction keeps their emotions in check, but is vulnerable underneath. Discipline is the key defensive skill for Social Conflict.

  • Discipline in Crafting [Discipline]

Discipline governs Waveshaping, Worldshaping, and Realmshifting.

  • Discipline in Conflicts [Discipline]

Discipline is the primary Defense skill in Social conflicts.

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