Shamed descendants of raping, pillaging undead hordes, who keep to themselves and their corpses.


The Dead-Blooded are a particular form of Crossblood. What passes for history in the City states that an army of ghouls, specters, and the run-of-the-mill dead – now known as the Dead Tribes – rampaged through the Julian Plains over a hundred generations ago, and their unlife did nothing to prevent the army from taking soldiers’ wages in pillage and rape. Though no-one now remembers what, if any, relics the brigands took, what they left behind continues to influence the City to this day.

Physical Characteristics

Dead-blooded appear to be ordinary humans, not dissimilar to the rest of their bloodline, in almost every way. It is the deadblood’s subtle differences that set them apart – their skin tends to be sallow and unhealthy-looking; they age very slowly, living for two centuries easily and without showing any sign of their age until well into their sixteenth or seventeenth decade; their body temperature is low and pulse slow. The other symptoms are variable: some have an uncanny scent of the grave about them, while others find pieces of themselves constantly decaying and falling off, and still others wilt greenery with a simple touch; some find themselves followed by crows, rats, and vultures; some have a low sensitivity to sensation and pain. A deadblood’s blood is thick, almost black, exudes a foul odor, and is a potent venom.

Recommended Archetypes: Court Crafter, Mountebank, Philosopher, Street Crafter

Dead-Blooded Bloodline Aspects include the following:
* Dead Blood in Their Veins
* Every Dead-Blooded shows some of the Blightbound taint, for good and ill.
* Invoke: The character may be able to sense the presence of Blightbound and ptoma, or poison another with their blood.
* *Compel: Compel: The character may find themselves followed by vermin or the scent of death.
* Shameful Origin
* Everyone knows the terrible story of how the Dead-Blooded came to be, and nobody likes it.
* Invoke: The character can be intimidating – or this Aspect can be invoked to hide their Dead-Blooded status.
* *Compel: Compel: The Dead-Blooded tend to be disliked and discriminated against by most in the City of Lives, providing penalties to Rapport, Contacting, etc.
* Death Is Not The End
* Being so close to death, the Dead-Blooded are hard to send all the way to the other side.
* Invoke: The character can resist physical harm, disease, and poison.
* *Compel: Compel: ??
* The Dead Tongue
* So close to the dead, some Dead-Blooded can actually speak with spirits.
* Invoke: The character can speak to a recently-dead corpse or bound spirit.
* *Compel: Compel: The character is tormented by screams of the dead or find themselves bound to fulfill a spirit’s last request.

Bloodline Stunts
Choose one stunt as a free stunt (costs no Refresh). Dead-Blooded may also select the following stunts for their usual Refresh cost:
* Deathly Metabolism (Specialization: +2 to Vigor vs. poisons and disease)
* Hide What I Am (Specialization: +2 to Deceit when concealing their nature) (required)
* Craft Training (Fair Blightshifting, Fair Mindsharing, or Fair Worldshaping)
* Thick-Blooded (Personal Device)
* Base Item: Leather Armor (Dam -1, Acc -0, Awkward)
* Upgrade: +2 to Discipline vs. attempts to get angry
Craftsmanship: Remove the Awkward aspect


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