A de facto ninth bloodline—any result of mixed bloodlines or Outlanders mixing with citizens. Shunned by most. Notable are the Dead-Blooded: A hidden group of shamed descendants of raping, pillaging undead hordes, who keep to themselves and their corpses.

Gameplay Note

When playing a Crossblood, choose a dominant Bloodline as normal, then one other bloodline or Outlander species as your Crossblood. You may reflect your crossblooded status in your Bloodline Aspect—"Much-Maligned Pariah-Leovite Crossblood" or “Earth and Animal Combine in My Blood” for example, or may take a Bloodline Aspect from either your dominant or Crossblood bloodline. You may take any number of Bloodline Stunts from the dominant bloodline, and one Bloodline Stunt from the Crossblood.

An example Crossblood that can be mixed with any dominant Bloodline is the Dead-Blooded, who are crossed with the Dead Tribes, the undead raiders from outside the City. See their page for more information.


Crossbloods are a rarity in the City of Lives, but they are not unknown. Societal rules discourage interbreeding between Bloodlines, to the point where even the lowest-class Grate-Scratchers will shun the interbred. However, love is a powerful force (as is rape and sexual perversion, unfortunately), so there are always a few Crossbloods around.

The stigma against the crossed blood that runs through their veins holds strong sway throughout the City—Crossbloods are victims of more outright racial violence than even the Grate-Scratchers or Kipmen—so they have learned to be inconspicuous. Crossbloods weave in and out of other bloodlines, usually pretending to be one or the other of their parent bloodlines, and an incognito life is the peak to which most Crossbloods aspire. There are some Crossblood communities dotted here and there, but the only Crossbloods in positions of power either hide their heritage or are influential enough to overcome the stigma.

Physical Characteristics

Crossbloods mix their heritage between their parent bloodlines, so may have extremely varied physiques. Some tend almost entirely to one side of their heritage or the other, while others show equal signs of both sides.

Culture & Personality

The only consistent culture found in Crossbloods is their maligned nature. Some accept this as an unfortunate fact of life in the City, while others believe they deserve it, and still others are angry at the world and channel it into violence.

Relations With Other Bloodlines

Crossbloods are too varied to hold consistent opinions on the other bloodlines.

Colonized Lands

Crossbloods, as a rule, fit in with existing society rather than settle lands of their own.


There is no particular leaning towards one religion or another among the Crossbloods, though the racial purity that runs through the Church of the Blinding Light makes it less appealing than the minor cults.

Crossbloods borrow names from all other bloodlines, especially when maintaining a secret identity.

Recommended Archetypes: Depends on the crossed bloodlines, but may include: Court Crafter and Mountebank, because of their skills in disguise and fitting in.

Choose a Bloodline Aspect from your dominant or Crossblood Bloodline.

Bloodline Stunts
Crossbloods may choose one stunt as a free stunt (costs no Refresh) from either their dominant or Crossblood bloodlines, and may choose additional stunts from their dominant Bloodline. A Crossblood may only have one stunt from their Crossblood Bloodline.


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