A person who knows everyone, whether in court or on the streets, and how to connect them together – and keep them all happy.

Alternate Names: Advocate, Adviser, Agent, Ambassador, Broker, Councilor, Diplomat, Intermediary, Kingmaker, Liaison, Mediator, Negotiator.

Recommended Bloodlines: Leovite, Pariah, Promethean, Sky-Carver

Characteristics: The Courtier is an agent, perhaps for one of the City’s houses, perhaps for a small organization. They may not know themselves. But it means they’re connected (well connected), and are privy to secrets that others just don’t know about. Their job? To put people together. They know everyone everywhere, and when their allies need to find the right people, with the right equipment, and the right plan, the courtier puts it all in one place. Courtiers most often find themselves working in court and with the noble houses—but conflicts on the street need their skills as well—and while their skills are less obviously useful in warfare or exploration, they might well know someone behind enemy lines who might turn coat, or find the right guide through a treacherous area.

Recommended Builds:

    The noble houses have byzantine mazes of alliances, deals, and secret enemies. The Attendant knows how to manipulate friends, enemies, and those who are both.

    Peak Skills: Contacting, Deceit or Leadership, Rapport
    Recommended Stunts: Companion, Big Man in Court (Skill Substitution: Use Contacting for Resources when dealing with court life), I Know People (Concentration: -1 on the Time Chart when Contacting).
    Recommended Character Concept Aspect: “The Real Power Behind House Melchiora”

    Information Merchant
    Everyone needs to know things, and the Information Merchant makes it their business to know everything – and the prices for every datum.

    Peak Skills: Contacting, Resources or Empathy, Deceit
    Recommended Stunts: Big Man on the Streets (Skill Substitution: Use Contacting for Resources when dealing with the underclasses), Big Reputation (Skill Substitution: Use Contacting for Deceit, Intimidation, or Rapport with those who know (and care) about your reputation), Companion
    Recommended Character Concept Aspect: “All-Knowing, Hard-Hearted Information Merchant”

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