Court Crafter

The nobility hire many Crafters, whether counselors, sages, entertainers, or relicsmiths—and all need to know how to keep their position in the byzantine maze of court politics.

Alternate Names: Aide, Artisan, Astrologer, Attendant, Enchanter, Magus

Recommended Bloodlines: Crossblood, Leovite, Pariah, Promethean, Sky-Carver

Characteristics: The court crafter lives in a strange gray area—at court but not a part of it, privy to the nobility’s secrets without their respect. Any number of noble houses may hire crafters for any number of purposes: oracle, relicsmith, counselor, healer, bodyguard, or educator. As servants, their position is by no means stable, but it affords them great potential for profit and upwards mobility. A court crafter could find themselves anywhere their employer needs them: on the front line of a local war, making relics for the soldiers; in a rival court, soaking up intel and giving out bad advice; or at the outskirts of civilization, ensuring that their patron is the first to influence these new lands.

Recommended Builds:

    Many noblemen and -women need comfort, knowledgeable Crafters able to soothe with a touch—and other nobility need spies, able to tell the activities of their enemy families without getting anywhere near them. Counselors can do both.

    Peak Skills: Rapport, Empathy, Conviction
    Recommended Stunts: Farsharing or Mindsharing or Soulsharing, Sensitive (Specialization: +2 to Crafting skill to determine emotional or mental Aspects), Soothing (Specialization: +2 to Rapport to calm a target or change their attitude towards the Counselor).
    Recommended Character Concept Aspect: “House Mettel’s Secret-Keeper”

    The noble houses often keep personal Relicsmiths, who forge mystical items from weapons to automatic knick-knacks.

    Peak Skills: Creativity, Artificing, Resources
    Recommended Stunts: Relicshifting), Speedy Craftsman (Specialization: -2 shifts on the time table when Crafting a permanent Relic), Personal Relic or Universal Relic
    Recommended Character Concept Aspect: “Devoted Relicsmith Who Knows Nothing But Her Machines”

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Court Crafter

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