Conviction is a measure of a character’s belief—in themself, in a deity, or abstract concepts. It represents courage and the drive not to quit. It plays a key part in efforts to resist torture or unwanted Sharing. It is also used as a knowledge skill regarding religion. It also determines a character’s Composure Stress Track, and governs several Crafts. Characters with a high Conviction are mentally tough, sure in their beliefs and ready for anything. They include the faithful, patriots and revolutionaries, and several types of Crafters.

  • Acts of Faith [Conviction]

Roll Conviction whenever your beliefs are attacked. When you suffer from a Social attack specifically designed to undermine your faith (in yourself, your Craft, your god, etc…), use Conviction instead of Discipline to defend.

  • Composure Stress [Conviction]

Conviction also determines a character’s mental health capacity (the length of a character’s Composure stress track), since Composure stress represents mental or social damage and fatigue. Note that Discipline is usually the skill used for mental and social Defense, and Conviction is used as a passive measure. A character with high Conviction and low Discipline feels the effects of the world’s stresses, but perseveres nonetheless; a character with high Discipline and low Conviction keeps their emotions in check, but is vulnerable underneath.

By default, players have 3 boxes for their Composure stress track. Better-than-Mediocre (+0) Composure increases the number of boxes as shown here.

Conviction Composure
Average ( +1) – Fair ( +2) +1 (total 4)
Good ( +3) – Great ( +4) +2 (total 5)
Superb ( +5) – Fantastic ( +6) One additional Mild consequence
  • Conviction in Crafting [Conviction]

Conviction governs Shadowshaping, Lightshaping, and Forceshifting.

  • Conviction in Conflicts [Conviction]

Conviction can sometimes be used as a Defense skill in Social conflicts.

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