City Organizations

  • Academy of Artful Sciences
  • Corpsecrafters’ Guild
  • Corpsehunter Corps
  • The Etching-Men
  • The Gravesons
  • The Hanging Lights
  • the Necromantic Harmonizers
  • Pestlemen: Alchemists (slang term)
  • The Upside Downers
  • Velvet Templars

Wolf Whales
Guild of Alchemists and Artificers
Free Association of Merchants and Businesspeoples
Eagle-Shield Gang
House Trelius masterminds the Publicans’ charitable efforts, organizing fundraisers and setting up shelters.
House Trevelanius
House Solfidley, the only House owned by a Rural, provides financial and logistical support for the Faberists’ activities.
High Council
Centrum Guild
Church of Lies?
Explorer’s Guild
The Gambler’s Depository
House lev-Barunthe largest and most powerful Leovite house, provides the most support for the Canonists, though followers of the Light throughout the City provide donations.
House Naught, a pseudo-House made up of a collection of Sky-Carvers and other Egoists from all different Houses, provides a loose framework for like-minded Egoists to work together—but it never does something so collectivist as to support its members.
House Daceas, a powerful Promethean House and the largest patron of the arts in the City, bankrolls the Epicureans’ artworks.
Academy of Artful Sciences
The Kipman Hotblood Gang provides the Sabercrats with military power, while the official Sabercrat political party serves their interests in Parliament.
Thief-Binder Clan

Outside the City
The Dead Tribes
various Outlanders

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City Organizations

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