Official Faction Name: Canonists

Alternate Names: Believers,

Associated Organization: House lev-Barun, the largest and most powerful Leovite house, provides the most support for the Canonists, though followers of the Light throughout the City provide donations.

Associated Religion: The Canonists are the political arm of the Church of the Blinding Light, acting to forward the Church’s interests and morality through the City.

Associated Bloodlines: Kipmen, Leovites, Prometheans, Rurals

Faction Philosophy: The Canonists believe whole-heartedly in the precepts of the Church: temperance, altruism, thoughtfulness, and faith in the Light. They believe in taking charge of the City, but from behind the scenes. Canonists are ambitious, but subtle in temper, preferring to influence things from the background.

Canonists believe in nonviolence and nonconfrontation. They believe villainy is to be avoided, not fought against – discretion is always the better part of valor for a Believer. This is not to say that Canonists never solve their problems – but they do it either through empathy and understanding, or else by influencing their enemy’s enemy into taking care of the problem for them.

Base of Operations: The Canonists are based out of Templedowns in the central Church of the Blinding Light.

Spheres of Influence: Canonists have influence in both religious and temporal matters, holding positions of power all through the City’s bureaucracy.

Allies and Enemies: The Publicans and Canonists agree on many things, though the Canonists believe the Publicans should help the poor to help themselves. Valuing peace and order, the Publicans and Thief-Binders are close allies. Enders, with their belief in nothingness, offend the Canonists mightily. Similarly, the Godless infuriate the Canonists by denying not only the Light but all gods. The Sabercrats’ belief in the power of the City endears them to the Canonists, but their desire for war keeps them at arm’s length.

Faction Aspect: Canonists believe in the Light supporting them, and often take a Faction Aspect like “The Light Is My Strength.” They are also highly social, and may take a Faction Aspect like “Everyone Loves a Canonist.”

Faction Stunts:

  • Cold Read (Specialization: Use the “Get a Read” Empathy Trapping at two steps faster on the time chart)
  • Companion (Free-Form: See Companions)
  • Best Foot Forward (Specialization: When meeting a new NPC, you cannot degrade their initial opinion)
  • Bureaucratic Functionary (Specialization: +2 to Leadership when dealing with bureaucracy)
  • Basic Soulsharing or Lightshaping
    choose the following Iconic Stunt for one stunt slot:
  • Light’s Touch (Free-form: Once per session, use the “Medical Attention” trapping of the Philosophy skill without any medical supplies; use Empathy instead of Philosophy for this check]]
  • The Church’s Followers (Free-form; see below)

Restrictions: Canonists must never engage in violence. Some Canonists allow others to commit violent acts, others do not; and training for defensive actions is a gray area – but no Canonist may ever attack another person.

The Church’s Followers

  • The character can choose from a large number of companions available to them when they need them. With this stunt, when the character begins an adventure, their companion doesn’t need to be defined. Instead, at the point where they decide they need the companion, they may reveal them, giving them a name and a few brief cues to the GM to base a personality on.
  • This companion starts out at Average ( +1) quality and may have up to two advances.
  • If the character takes this stunt more than once, they have two additional advances which they may use to reveal an additional companion, or combine together to create a more capable companion on the fly.
  • Only one “reveal” of this kind may be done per scene. Once revealed, the companion will be involved and reasonably available at least until the end of the adventure.
  • If, instead, you choose to have the companion available to you for only one scene before the companion is called away to other things, you may build the companion with three advances instead of two. Once the scene ends, the companion is removed from the adventure, one way or another.


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