Artificing is the understanding of how machinery works, both for purposes of building it and taking it apart. While it is complimented by an understanding of Philosophy, Artificing can just as easily be the result of getting one’s hands dirty and having a natural feel for how things work. Characters with a high Artificing include inventors, artificers, and philosophers.

  • Building Things [Artificing]

An artificer with time and tools can build a variety of items. For details on how to go about that, check out Device Design.

  • Fixing Things [Artificing]

Artificing can be used to repair devices, given the right tools and enough time. Details on difficulties are in the GM’s guidelines (see Running the Game).

  • Breaking Things [Artificing]

Artificing is also the skill for unmaking things. Given time and tools, an artificer can topple virtually any building or structure. In those circumstances, Artificing works like a very peculiar combat skill, possibly resulting in maneuvers or weirdly indirect attacks (like setting up a bridge to collapse when someone walks across it).

  • Artificing in Conflicts [Artificing]

Artificing is used as an Attack, Defense, and Move skill in Repair and Access conflicts. It is used as a Maneuver skill in Physical, Research, and Access conflicts.

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