Mother Ewe


+4: Rapport
+3: Vigor, Empathy
+2: Leadership, Conviction
+1: Discipline, Lore, Survival

20-odd years ago, Nula worked as a nursemaid to the Dorian Son of Light family. One day, Seulia Dorian grew pregnant. She refused to give up the father, and Nula cared for her during the pregnancy. When the baby was born, they saw it was a Leovite half-breed. To cover up the scandal, Seulia was sent away, the baby was abandoned, and Nula, for knowing about the scandal, was forced to abandon her job and go to work in the mines, on threat of death. Bu now, this Piah has the same birthmark on her neck as the half-breed child! Thank the LIght she survived – and maybe if Nula tells Pi about her life, she can get out of this hellhole!

Roleplaying Notes:
Nula is a friendly, motherly figure. SHe has a tendency to call people “lamb,” and try to take care of them. However, she is also desperate to get out of the mines, and will do anything to get out.


  • Mother Ewe Considers You All Her Lambs
  • Always Wondering About the Child Who Got Away
  • I Must Get Out of Here
  • Slowly Dying of Black Lung
  • Haunted By Her Past
  • You’re Not Paranoid If They’re Really Out to Get You


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