Blightbound Guardian of the Tomb


Character Concept: Blightbound Guardian of the Tomb
Bloodline: Blightbound Son of the Old Light
Free-form: The Light Burns Away Sin
Free-form: All That’s Left is Hate

Superb (5): Conviction
Great (
4): Vigor, Leadership
Good (+3): Melee, Athletics, Philosophy

Weapon: Spatha (+1 Dam, +1 Pen)

Fair Lightshifting
Great Lightshifting
Fantastic (+6) Lightshifting
Living Dead
Minions x3

  • Strength in Numbers (3)
  • Stunt: Living Dead
  • Stunt: Inhuman Strength (-2)
    • Improved Lifting. Whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things, you gain a +3 to your Vigor score.
    • Bruising Strength. Roll Vigor at +1 whenever using that skill in conjunction with grappling
      (page 211). This also allows you to inflict a 2-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental
      action during a grapple.
    • Superior Strength. Whenever using your Vigor to modify (page 214) another skill, it
      always provides a +1 regardless of the actual comparison of your Might score to the skill in question.
    • Hammer Blows. With attacks that depend on muscular force (Melee, thrown weapons, etc.), you are at +2 to damage, increasing the stress dealt by two on a successful hit.

Physical Stress: 1 2 3 4 5
Social Stress: 1 2 3 4

Blazing Beam

  • This is a Lightshifting’s standard fire attack Crafting. It sends a blazingly hot beam of flame toward a single target.
  • Type: Simple, Lightshifting, Chaos, Shaping, attack
  • Power: Variable (unless formula), usually 4 to 8 degrees
  • Control: Roll Conviction, plus limitations and focus items, to control and as attack roll.
  • Target: One target in line-of-sight, inflicting physical stress.
  • Duration: One action
  • Opposed by: Target’s Athletics skill, magical blocks, or some other skill as determined in play
  • Variations: A Crafter could divide the degrees of effect among two or more targets, rolling to hit each separately. They could divide up the degrees to add Acc or Pen bonuses to the strike.

Light Shield

  • Folding light into a shield, everything that approaches burns to nothingness before it strikes the Crafter.
  • Type: Simple, Lightshifting, Chaos, Shifting, defensive block
  • Power: 6 degrees
  • Control: Roll Conviction plus appropriate limitations and focus items
  • Duration: One round
  • Effect: A weird-looking hemisphere of entropy appears in front of the Crafter, partially disintegrating attacks. The Crafter may decide whether they wishes to use the block as a standard 6-degree block, or as Armor Dam -3, or as Armor Pen -3, or what have you.
  • Variations: The Crafter may attempt more degrees of power to extend the duration.


  • Sometimes a Crafter needs to disappear, even if just for a moment.
  • Type: Simple, Lightshifting, Chaos, Shifting, defensive block
  • Power: Varies; 3 degrees is typical for a simple crafting
  • Control: Roll Vigor plus appropriate limitations and focus items
  • Duration: One round
  • Opposed by: An observer’s Alertness skill
  • Effect: Renders the Crafter invisible, disappearing into the shadows.
  • Variations: The Crafter could add additional degrees of power to make the veil stronger, to veil additional people or big objects, to “throw” the veil over an object from a distance, or to gain additional exchanges of duration without needing to concentrate and re-roll.

Minion Group 1: 1 2 3 (Acts at Fair (2), Weapon: Gladius (Dam +1 (3))
Minion Group 2: 1 2 3 (Acts at Fair (2), Weapon: Spear (Dam +2 (4), Rng 1)
Minion Group 3: 1 2 3 (Acts at Fair (2), Weapon: Gladius (Dam +1 (3))



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