Kulaw Jonieta-per

Unethical Business "Visionary"


Slow, thick voice

High Concept:
Body-Jumping Necromancer
Other Aspects: Expert Among Novices; A
Little Too Certain; Calm Sea of Insanity;
Never Without my Minions
Sk ills
Conviction: Superb (5)
Discipline: Superb (
Lore: Great (4)
Weapons: Good (
Physical skills tend to be dependent on the
physical body that Corpsetaker is occupying
at a given moment, with some highly practiced
physical skills (Weapons, for instance)
remaining constant. Mental skills are Great or
better; Social skills Fair or Good.
Pow ers
Extremely powerful caster. Offers challenge
of Fantastic with mental at tacks, if not
bet ter.
Necromancy offers at least a Great challenge.
Assume a challenge of Great with other
Rote Spell s
Body-Switch (Some kind of necromantic
spirit evocation or ongoing permanent
ritual effec t, we think. Unknown shift
count, but it’s wicked power ful. It’s now a
thankfully lost art.)
Mental oooo, extra mild consequence
Physical ooo (varies) Social ooo
The only way to beat Corpsetaker is to take
her by surprise. Momentary victories can
be won in a straight-up conflict, but usually
she’ll send her minions after the target and
go on about her business; daily affairs such
as murder are a trifle boring.
Total R efresh Cost: –17, minimum


Kulaw Jonieta-per

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