Ma'ar hunter


+3: Athletics
+2: Alertness, Melee
+1: Conviction, Vigor, Leadership

Pack Mentality
Hunting is Fun
Predator Species

Enemy of Tarshon

Stunts: Supernatural Speed: Effects:
Supreme Initiative. You always go first in initiative
order in a conflict, regardless of your
Alertness rating. If there are other entities
present who share this ability, you must
then use Alertness to resolve initiative order
among yourselves. If someone has Mythic
Speed (below), it trumps this ability.
Superior Athletic Ability. All your Athletics
checks are made at +2, including dodging.
When sprinting (see page 212), this bonus is
increased to +4.
Effortless Movement. Whenever moving as part
of another physical activity, you may move
two zones without taking the –1 penalty for a
supplemental action (page 213).
Faster Than the Eye. Difficulty factors due to
moving are reduced by four when rolling

Natural Weapons. You have claws (or something
similar) which act as Weapon:2 for your
Fists attacks. This bonus stacks with stress
increases due to Strength abilities (page 183),
but won’t stack with other Weapon:[X]
effects per the usual weapon stacking guidelines

Pack Mentality: Pack Instincts [–1]
Description: You are part of a pack and share
a certain kind of unspoken, animal communication
with one another.
Musts: You must define who is in your pack,
and they all must share this ability.
Skills Affected: Alertness, Investigation, others.
Pack Communion. When near another member
of your pack, gain +1 to your Alertness. When
in the same zone as others of your pack, you
may communicate with one another wordlessly.
Only single words and simple concepts
may be communicated: attack, protect, follow,
distract. By focusing your senses, you may
make an Investigation roll to pick out the
approximate location of others of your
pack. When ambushed, if any one of your
pack spots the ambush (by succeeding at an
Alertness roll), all packmates are considered
to have won the Alertness roll as well.

(page 202).



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