Cullis Perchers

Mutant Gargoyles Perched Tall


Cullis Perchers
Character Concept: Mutant Gargoyles Perched Tall
Other Aspects: Insatiable Appetites
Alertness: Good (+3) (init +7)
Athletics: Great (+4) (+5)
Vigor: Good (+3)
Melee: Great (+4) (+2 Dam from Strength, +1 Acc from claws)
Intimidation: Good (+3)
Rapport: Good (+3)
Most other skills default to Mediocre, with any Health ones defaulting to Fair.
Claws [–1]
Human Guise [+0]
Feeding Dependency (Meat) [+1], affecting: (if they don’t eat, they’ll be taken out at end of combat)
Inhuman Strength [–2] (modify at +1)
Inhuman Speed [–2] (move extra zone)
Supernatural Recovery [–4] (twice per scene, wipe away mild Health consequence as supplemental action
The Catch [+2] is wounds from holy objects and the Light.
Composure 1 2 3 4 Health 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hunger oo
Dam +2 Acc +1 strength & claws, Great (+4) attack, Superb (+5) defense, and an Epic (+7) initiative make these bad boys extra bad.
Total Refresh Cost: –6


Cullis Perchers

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